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Cole Corner: Itís never too early to introduce kids to Cole
March 01, 2013

Early literacy is a concept that has gotten a lot of press in recent years.

The term refers to building a foundation for reading - not actually learning to read, but exposing young children to words, books, reading and language, so that when they are taught to read in their school age years they are ready.

What does this mean to the parents of toddlers and babies? The library is the perfect place for you and your infant.

We purchase board books especially for these young patrons. The board books are kept in totes that are easy to place on the floor for parents and baby to browse and share.

As adults, we find it difficult to remember that every aspect of reading has been taught to us: how to hold a book; how to read from front to back and left to right; and that books are enjoyable.

We know that bringing your baby to the library also can bring certain challenges. Therefore, the door to the Children's Room can always be closed if the noise level seems high or if you have someone who has learned to crawl or walk and thinks that making a quick getaway is as fun as finding a book.

We have diapers, wipes, and a changing table in the restroom in the Children's Room for the unexpected pit stop.

So stop in and introduce your infant to the library. It's never too early.

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