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COLUMN: Busted for my bad bracket advice
March 29, 2013

My bracket is officially busted! I am somewhere near the bottom of our family pool, just ahead of my two-year-old niece and just behind my 12-year-old son.

I did not pick LaSalle! I did not pick Florida Gulf Coast. I didn't even pick the Shockers of Wichita State.

As a matter of fact, when my son asked if he should pick Florida Gulf Coast, I told him not to!

What a mess I made.

That is what I love about this tournament. No matter how much a person thinks they know about college basketball, this tournament will prove them wrong. Little kids and mothers-in-law have just as much of a chance at picking the winner as I do.

Now I can sit back and really enjoy the tournament, cheering for the underdog without caring whether or not I picked them to win.

After two rounds of play, our bracket contest is being led by none other than Matt Siders with 51 points. Earnie Goodlow, Danielle Heiken and Tracy Schmidt are all tied in second at 49.

This week's prizes are based on scores from the individual rounds.

The winners of the first round picks were Denice Cardon (women's) with a score of 26 and Matt Siders (men's) with a score of 27. The kids' division had a five-way tie between Macy Eskelsen, David Wolfe, Kierstan Swart, Laura Swart and Brooke Bowersox with 23.

The winner was determined by a random drawing and the prize goes to (drumroll please) Kierstan Swart.

The second round winners were Danielle Heiken (women's) with a score of 26 and Peter Bahl (men's) with a score of 24. The kids' division had a four way tie at 22 between Laura Swart, Nolan Hinrichs, Maria McAlexander and Brady Siders. The winner by random drawing was Nolan Hinrichs.

Prizes can be picked up at the Sun office on main street in Mount Vernon.

How all the brackets fared through two rounds of play...

1.Matt Siders 51, 2.Earnie Goodlow 49, 3.Danielle Heiken 49, 4.Tracy Schmidt 49, 5.Jake Timm 48, 6.Peter Bahl 48, 7.Colene Bowersox 47, 8.Kurt Pisarik 46, 9.Bruce Heiken 46, 10.Ed Timm 46

11.Ryan Williams 46, 12.Denice Cardon 46, 13.Judy Eden 46, 14.Kim Williams 46, 15.Rick Springsteen 45, 16.Payton Bahl 45, 17.Kory Swart 45, 18.Marty Williams 45, 19.Angie Williams 45, 20.Michele Heiken 45, 21.Lisa Alger 45, 22.Allison Jaeger 45, 23.Laura Swart 45, 24.Dan Brannaman 44, 25.Jason Denner 44, 26.Austin Springsteen 44, 27.Jordan Bahl 44, 28.Rawley Alger 44, 29.Bryce Hasselman 44, 30.Katie McElmeel 44,

31.Kasey Springsteen 44, 32.Sharon Dendurant 44, 33.Maria McAlexander 44, 34.Nolan Hinrichs 44, 35.Adam Finn 43, 36.Brian Buck 43, 37.Doug Drahos 43, 38.Daniel Cleary 43, 39.Jack Kragenbrink 43, 40.Jeff Butterbaugh 43, 41.Jean Litts 43, 42.Karon Thompson 43, 43.Jean Springsteen 43, 44.Emily Vig 43, 45.Ann Hufford 43, 46.Conni Swart 43, 47.Macy Eskelsen 43, 48.Brady Siders 43, 49.David Wolfe 43, 50.Dan Williams 42,

51.Mike Cranston 42, 52.Jenny Bryant 42, 53.Rosie 42, 54.Shannon Williams 42, 55.Stephanie Timm 42, 56.Kristi Bahl 42, 57.Marissa Cranston 42, 58.Stacey Jaeger 42, 59.Britt Bowersox 42, 60.Shawn Moss 41, 61.Ian Dye 41, 62.Jeremy Hotz 41, 63.Bob Wolfe 41, 64.Caleb Schmidt 41, 65.Shane Williams 41, 66.Bruce Greibel 41, 67.Jason Williams 41, 68.Lynette Butteris 41, 69.Jackie Jaeger 41, 70.Rylan Butterbaugh 41,

71.Loren Williams 40, 72.Drew Campbell 40, 73.Kirk Wischmeyer 40, 74.Mary Springsteen 40, 75.Doris McElmeel 40, 76.Kelli Wolfe 40, 77.Jenna Wischmeyer 40, 78.Josh Hansen 39, 79.Blair Litts 39, 80. Darin Vig 39, 81.Camden Butterbaugh 39, 82.Kristin Reimann 39, 83.Melissa Alger 39, 84.Michelle E. 39, 85.Jake Krob 38, 86.Jake Pisarik 38, 87.Marc neef 38, 88.Nicole McAlexander 38, 89.Margaret Stevens 38, 90.Jenna Brannaman 38, 91.Denise Brannaman 38, 92.Nancy Pisarik 38, 93.Addison Heiken 38, 94.Kristine Butterbaugh 38, 95.Max Siders 38, 96.Matt McAlexander 37, 97.Cory Brannaman 37, 98.Ron Pisarik 37, 99.Dana Vig 37, 100.Joe Timm 37, 101.Tom Wolfe 37, 102.Randy Jaeger 37, 103.Kyle Williams 37, 104.Brittany Brannaman 37, 105.Val Fisher 37, 106.Bridgid Collins 37, 107.Brooke Bowersox 37, 108.Adam Vig 37, 109.Ben Brannaman 36, 110.Nathan McElmeel 36,

111.Jonathan Crozier 36, 112.Joe Wolfe 36, 113.Rachel Reimann 36, 114.Caden Eskelsen 36, 115.Zach Vig 36, 116.Ella Wischmeyer 36, 117.Jenna Pisarik 35, 118.Suzette Kragenbrink 35, 119.Kiersten Swart 35, 120.Jenna Reimann 34, 121.Logan Griebel 34, 122.Ryan Vig 33, 123.Charlene Vig 32, 124.Paul Reimann 31, 125.Kalissa Holdcraft 31, 126.Penelope Vig 31, 127.Colin Swantz 30, 128.Lauren McElmeel 29, 129.Renee Vig 29, 130.McKenna Kilburg 27,

131.Rich Eskelsen 26, 132.Madi Cranston 25, 133.Lucas Alger 21, 134.Callia McAlexander 21, 135.Kelbie Eskelsen 20.

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