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Mount Vernon drafts 5-year capital improvement plan
April 05, 2013 · Ann Gruber-Miller

Mount Vernon may soon approve a new five-year capital improvements plan of projects proposed by city departments, along with their expenses and funding sources.

Continuing the city council's strategic planning process from 2012, city staff have drafted a proposed projects plan for 2014-2019. The council had scheduled a work session for March 25 to discuss the plan, but did not have enough members present for a legal meeting. No action has been taken on the plan; it is only a proposal at this time.

The plan includes a number of very visible projects, as well as many for maintenance and replacement. The projects have been proposed by staff from city departments, including City Hall, parks and recreation, pool, public safety, public works, streets, sewer, storm water, and water. Costs requested for every project are listed for each of the next five fiscal years. Council has already approved the costs for fiscal year 2014, which begins this July, and began considering the costs for the succeeding five fiscal years at its April 1 meeting.

Wellness center

The proposed wellness center, estimated at $2.9 million, would be funded during the first two fiscal years of the plan. The plan indicates $400,000 could be spent in 2014 from local option sales tax funds; and $2.5 million could be committed by the city in 2015 through a general obligation bond.

City hall work

City Hall renovations totaling $150,000 from the general fund could be spread over 2015 to 2019. The proposal indicates that in 2015, council chamber carpeting, lighting, electrical system, and kitchen would be renovated for $75,000. In 2016 four bathrooms could be renovated for $25,000. In 2017 the conference room flooring, lighting, cabinets and electrical system could be renovated for $15,000. In 2018 the lobby's front and back doors, electrical system, flooring and lighting could be renovated for $25,000. In 2019 exterior lighting, bike racks and the brick patio area could be improved for $10,000.

Fire station

Remodeling the interior of the old Fire Station to convert it to a new police department building is listed as a possible project in 2015 for a cost of $300,000, possibly from a general obligation bond.

Trail work

Trail improvements and additions could total just over $1 million over the five-year period.

For 2014, the proposal is $40,000 in TIF funds for trails improvements; $232,000 in TIF funds in 2015 for two trails, Springville Road ($96,000) and Nature Park/First Street ($136,000). An additional $30,000 from local option sales tax proceeds could be spent for additions and improvements. In 2016, $270,000 could be spent this way: $190,000 in TIF funds for Hwy. 30; $30,000 in local option sales proceeds for additions and improvements; and $50,000 in TIF funds for Sauter Park path lighting.

In 2017, $208,000 is listed from TIF funds for a trail on Eighth Street N.W.; and $30,000 in local option sales tax proceeds is listed for additions and improvements.

The largest total annual expenditure for trails is $295,000 proposed for 2018. In this year, $15,000 in TIF funds could be allocated for Springville Road; $250,000 from general obligation bonds could be slated for a Hwy. 30 underpass trail; and $30,000 in local option sales tax proceeds could fund additions and improvements. No expenditures for trails are listed for 2019.

Park changes

Several parks improvements are included in the five-year plan. Memorial Park restoration is proposed for 2017 using $4,000 from the general fund. Soccer goals could be replaced in 2017, at a cost of $8,000 from the general fund.

In 2018, $400,000 in TIF funds are proposed for additional land acquisition for Elliott Athletic Complex in the Seventh Street area. In addition, $15,000 from the general fund in 2014-2018 is listed for park signage improvements, with $3,000 allocated per year.

Pool projects include a new overlay on the parking lot in 2014 for $30,000 from TIF funds, and a new splash pad in 2016 for $100,000 from TIF funds.

Street/sidewalk work

Ten street repair and resurfacing budget items are listed during the five years for a total cost of $3.88 million, plus additional funding still to be determined for resurfacing Hwy. 1.

In 2014, $70,000 in TIF funds is listed for sealing cracks ($20,000) and seal coating streets ($50,000). In 2015, $40,000 from road use tax revenue is listed for a First Street west underpass.

In 2016, state funding could be sought for Hwy. 1 repair/resurfacing. There is $550,000 listed from a possible general obligation bond for Seventh Street N.W. reconstruction.

In 2017, general obligation bonds are listed as a possible source to fund First Street East reprofiling/reconstruction for $388,889, and Eighth Street N.W. reconstruction for $777,778.

In 2018, three road projects could be funded at just over $2 million from a possible general obligation bonds: Lisbon Road resurfacing in the city for $350,000; First Street West resurfacing for $980,000; and Third Avenue N.W. reconstruction for $723,333.

Sidewalk repair and replacement are listed to receive $100,000 in TIF funds for each of 2014 to 2019, for a total of $600,000.

Traffic signal improvements using $125,000 in TIF funds are listed for 2014: $85,000 for signals at Hwy. 1 and First Street, and $40,000 for the signals at Fifth Avenue.


Funding listed in 2014-2019 for replacing aging city vehicles and purchasing a backhoe bucket totals $685,800. Of this amount, $67,000 is listed in 2014 to replace vehicles, and $6,800 to purchase the backhoe bucket. Vehicle replacement costs listed in succeeding years are $227,000 in 2015; $51,000 in both 2016 and 2019; $65,000 in 2017; and $212,000 in 2018.

Water work

Costs for cleaning and painting the water tower, and water main, water plant, and well improvements and replacements total $719,188 for 2014-2019. The cost of replacing one-inch lead mains in 2017 is yet to be determined. The $235,188 in total costs for cleaning and painting the water tower are listed at $49,797 annually in 2014-2017, and $18,000 annually in 2018 and 2019.

Additional large projects included in this category include water improvements priced at $100,000 in 2014; replacement of the First Street water main for $280,000 in 2015; and repairing the sand filter at the old water plant at Prairie Park for $60,000 in 2017.


Funding for sewer improvements include: replacement of the Second Avenue sewer north to Cass Street ($22,000 in 2016), and a new ultraviolet disinfection system (financed in 2018 by a $275,000 revenue bond) total $630,500. Additional costs and funding sources in 2018 are yet to be determined for replacement of the Twin Creeks main and sewer service north of the railroad tracks.

Storm water cleaning and replacement projects total $200,000. In addition, a box culvert extension on Springville Road is listed at $70,000 in 2016.

Public safety

Replacement of mobile computers and car cameras in public safety vehicles are listed in 2016 and 2017: $15,000 for computers and $5,500 for cameras in 2016, and $5,500 for cameras in 2017, for a total cost of $26,000. Replacement of public safety computers and servers totals $9,000 during the years of this plan: $4,500 in 2015; $1,500 in 2018; and $3,000 in 2019.

Outfitting each police officer with a rifle totals $5,700 during from 2015 to 2017 ($3,300 in 2015; $1,200 in 2016; and $1,200 in 2017).

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