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Thousands on the line for ultra-marathoner
May 03, 2013 · Jake Krob

Thirty-six years after beginning his running career at Lisbon High School, Allan Mallie is giving back to the school he loves through the activity he enjoys.

Mallie will be participating in the Corn Belt Running Club 24-hour run this weekend on the North Scott High School track in Eldridge, in which 60 people will try to keep making their way around the track from 7 a.m. Saturday until 7 a.m. Sunday.

Mallie said it's a way to further challenge himself - and a way to challenge others to support the Lisbon School District.

He's raising money, largely through per-mile pledges, to donate to the recently formed Lisbon Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

Mallie graduated from Lisbon in 1978 and today is a member of the school board.

"This will be more of a mental challenge than anything else I've ever done," Mallie said. "I decided I needed a cause. It will help me to be looking for that next $20 bill, $5 bill or whatever it might be."

An anonymous donor who is a Lisbon graduate has pledged $100 for every mile Mallie completes. Mallie is aiming to complete 50 or 60 miles.

The longest race he's done up to this weekend was the Hawkeye 50K (31-mile) around Lake Macbride in March, with temperatures no higher than 19 degrees and a foot of snow on the ground.

"I know this will be the longest run I will ever do," Mallie said. "I don't plan on repeating it, so if you want to donate, do it now."

People can pledge by calling the school district at 455-2075.

Mallie, who operates a farm north of Lisbon-Mount Vernon, has had an intense interest in running since high school.

Lisbon didn't have a boys' track-and-field team until he was a junior at LHS. After tryouts, he said his coach, Jim Brecht, quickly said, "You're slow - you do the two-mile."

The team practiced on the Cornell College track, and Mallie trained by running from Lisbon School to Mount Vernon, working out with the team, then running back to the school.

He had moderate success as a Lion.

"I was no Conner Smock," he said, referring to the 2012 Lisbon graduate who had a decorated track and cross country career and now runs for Bradley University.

In college at Iowa State University, Mallie learned about 10K races through a roommate, and participated in that race during ISU's VEISHA celebration.

"I was hooked," Mallie said.

He ran 5K and 10Ks for many years, and in 2009 ran the Chicago marathon following a challenge he made with his nephews, Dustin and Kyle Mallie.

He enjoys challenging himself. For instance, last summer he ran the Alliant Energy 8K in Cedar Rapids by running backwards the entire time.

"After a run, I feel exhilarated and energized - ready to take on the day," Mallie said.

To train for the 24-hour run, he's been running for minutes, instead of miles. A recent training had him running from his rural home to Lisbon then to Mount Vernon and back home for 14.25 miles. He then jumped on the treadmill for three hours of running.

He said sleep deprivation will likely be the biggest issue for the 24-hour run. The last time he was up 24 hours straight was in a combine during harvest.

But running for the PTO will give him motivation, he said.

"My goal is forward motion," he said.

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