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Eighth-graders’ ‘Tied to the Tracks’ a shoot-’em-up, round-’em-up extravaganza
May 10, 2013

The Mount Vernon eighth grade choir presents "Tied to the Tracks" this coming week as this year's musical.

The show is Wednesday, May 15, at 7:30 p.m. in the district auditorium at the middle school. Admission is $3 for adults and $2 for kids.

"Tied to the Tracks" aims to leave audience members tied up in knots - of laughter. And musical organizers say this action-packed, old-time musical western melodrama could be the most tuneful and wildest ever to hit the eighth grade stage. 

In the story, stalwart Sheriff Billy Bold (Ethan Wentz) and the delicate Dokota Melody (Rory McCollum) resist the evil machinations of Silias Scavenger (Lukas Moran) and Wild Prairie Rose (Brooke Kelley) in a shoot-'em-up, round-'em-up extravaganza.  The audience will be hitched to their seats as they are powerless in helping the beloved heroine, bound to a railway track, as she helplessly watches a locomotive race towards her.  Only one man can snatch her from this unworthy fate and bring justice to a thriving territory.  

This show boasts 10 original show tunes, including "A Rose With Plenty of Thorns," "We're the Harvey Girls," "He's a Meany, He's a Nasty, He's a Grouch" and "Knock Him Down Again, Sheriff Billy." 


Dakota Melody - Rory McCollum

Cassie - Faith Anton

Theodora - Si'le Pollock

Wild Prairie Rose - Brooke Kelley

Sheriff Billy - Ethan Wentz

Professor Silias - Lukas Moran

Running Water - Sam Krapfl

Jake - Aaron Barnhart

Matt - Owen Egolf

Caleb - Simon Crocker

Farm Boy #1 - Ian Reid

Farm Boy #2 - John Arians

Farm Boy #3 - Jacob Pratt

Farm Boy #4 - Jordan Axtell

Clint - Sam Kringlen

Rawhide - Liam Conroy

Johnny - Sayre Pollock

Rufus Clang - Jack Young

Outlaw #1 - Zach Howard

Outlaw #2 - Aleck Krob

Outlaw #3 - Megan Fisher

Outlaw #4 - Jessica Barske

Outlaw #5 - Allie Hasley

Mrs. Bradman - Lyz Erlandson

Fify - Wynne Vandersall

Laurette - Addie Rand

Hetty - Hayley Corkin

Show Trouper #1 - Paige Pospisil

Show Trouper #2 - Maggie Davis

Show Trouper #3 - Bianca Kladivo

April - Bailey Rud

Imogene - Libby Ryan

Peggy - Nicole Binsfield

Harvey Girl #1 - Sidney Hampton

Harvey Girl #2 - Yves Cotterill

Harvey Girl #3 - Callie Croxell

Sarah - Theresa Gruber-Miller

Tille - Emily Tvedt

Zenobia - Chloe Guillaume

Farm Girl #1 - Brittany Darrow

Farm Girl #2 - Kayla Hicks

Farm Girl #3 - Haley Baker

Mrs. Cornish - Jenna Baumler

Mrs. Riggs - Stacey Jaeger

Townspeople: Mikayla Casey, Ashley Garrelts, Kaitlyn Volesky, Mikayla Flockhart, Grace Pelley, Mallory Roudabush, Rachael Tenley, Jessika Brokel, Sydney Meeker, Lydia Frey, Lexi Kelly

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