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Cole Corner: Hola, bonjour, ahoy matey! Online course offers basics for world travelers
June 14, 2013 · Cathy Boggs

Have you always dreamed of learning a foreign language? Are you planning on traveling to far-off lands this summer? Would it help to be able to speak the language and have knowledge of their customs?

At Cole Library we have subscribed to Mango Languages, an online tool for learning the basics of a new language. There are 49 languages to choose from. Many are common foreign languages like French and Spanish, but others are less known like Tagalog, a language of the Philippines. There is even a course on speaking Pirate.

The online chapters are broken down into: greetings, name and introductions, getting around, how much does it cost, eating and drinking, numbers and money, and getting help. Once you finish a course, you won't be able to read a novel or write a paper in the new language, but hopefully you will have a basic understanding of the language enough to navigate a new country and enjoy your trip.

Mango is found on the home page of Cole Library's website, www.

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