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Lions win seven straight this week
June 14, 2013 · Crystal Eskelsen

The Lisbon baseball team scored an average of just over 10 runs a game last week, helped by a 15-run effort and a 19-run game.

The Lion offense helped Lisbon to a 5-0 week with everything from a sound beating of HLV 19-0, to sneaking out a 3-1 win over West Branch.

The week started with a 15-5 win over Highland. The Lions scored runs in every inning except for the fourth, totalling 12 hits in six innings. Colton Krob and Hunter Caspers both hit doubles and Keegan Tritle hit a home run.

The Lions also earned a shut-out win over North Linn, 9-0. Tritle pitched the shutout, going seven innings and giving up just two hits.

Lisbon also earned a 5-2 win over Danville this week. The Lions scored two runs in the second inning when Austin Springsteen doubled up the middle and brought Ryan Kortemeyer and Ryan Light home.

Lisbon added three more runs in the fifth to earn the 5-2 win. Connor Woodward was credited with two RBI when he singled to right center and Ryan Schrantz and Springsteen scored.

The Lions are at Calamus-Wheatland today (Thursday, June 13). They are at a tournament in Mason City Saturday. Monday, Lisbon hosts Camanche in a varsity doubleheader.

Lisbon vs. Highland

LIS 15, HIG 5

LIS 351 033 15 12

HIG 000 401 5 8

Pitchers: Wilson (H), Krob (L)

Extra base hits

2B-Krob 1, Caspers 1

HR-Tritle 1

RECAP: Lisbon's Krob pitched six complete innings, striking out four and walking just one. Lion Tritle was 2-for-3 at the plate including a home run and earning four RBI total. Krob was 2-for-2 at bat, including a double, earning two RBI and scoring twice.

Lisbon vs. HLV

LIS 19, HLV 0

LIS 2(15)2 x 19 10

HLV 000 0 0 0

Pitchers: Kriegal (H), Caspers (L)

Extra base hits

3B-Tritle 1

RECAP: Lisbon scored 19 runs on 10 hits and 10 walks. Kortemeyer led the Lions at bat, going 2-for-2 and earning two RBI. Caspers was the winning pitcher, striking out four and walking four.

Lisbon vs. North Linn

LIS 9, NL 0

NL 000 000 0 0 2

LIS 420 120 x 9 10

Pitchers: Prier (NL), Tritle (L)

Extra base hits

2B-Krob 1

RECAP: Lisbon's Tritle pitched seven innings, striking out 14 and walking just four to earn the win. The Lions totaled 10 hits as a team, led by Krob, who was 3-for-4 at bat and scored three times.

Lisbon vs. West Branch

LIS 3, WB 1

WB 000 000 1 1 5

LIS 100 002 x 3 2

Pitchers: Arp (WB), Woodward (L)

RECAP: With two outs in the bottom of the sixth, the Lions rallied with the help of a couple of batters being hit by pitches and a walk, loading the bases for Light. Light singled to right center and drove two runs in, giving Lisbon the 3-0 lead. Woodward struck out the last two West Branch batters in the top of the seventh to seal the Lisbon win, 3-1.

Lisbon vs. Danville

LIS 5, DAN 2

DAN 000 100 1 2 4

LIS 020 030 x 5 5

Pitchers: Blain (D), Kortemeyer (L)

Extra base hits

2B-Schrantz 1, Springsteen 1

RECAP: Light led the Lions at bat, going 2-for-3 and stealing one base. Kortemeyer earned the win on the mound, going five innings and striking out five.

Lisbon vs. Prince of Peace

Game one

LIS 10, POP 0

POP 000 00 0 3

LIS 410 5x 10 8

Pitchers: Weisner (POP), Krob (L)

Extra base hits

2B-Krob 1

RECAP: Lisbon's Krob continues to have a hot hand, going 2-for-3 at bat, including a double, scoring twice and earning one RBI. Kortemeyer was also 2-for-3, and he earned a pair of RBI. Krob pitched all five innings of the shutout, giving up just three hits and striking out seven.

Game two

LIS 11, POP 3

LIS 003 232 1 11 10

POP 000 003 0 3 7

Pitchers: Kortemeyer (L), Moeller (POP)

Extra base hits

2B-Light 1, Givens 1, Robinson 1

RECAP: After getting off to a slow start, Lisbon scored runs in all of the last five innings. Kortemeyer pitched six innings and struck out seven. Caspers was 2-for-2 at bat with one RBI. Light, Givens and Robinson all doubled and all earned one RBI.

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