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Cole Corner: Lexile numbers: A tool to help with reading choices
August 12, 2013 · Cathy Boggs

Last year I attended a parent/teacher/librarian meeting to learn more about a program at Washington Elementary School that involves lexile scores.

In the upper elementary grades, students are assessed and assigned a lexile number. Each chapter book in the Washington Elementary library has a lexile number inside the front cover. This number is a starting point in the student book selection process.

When using the lexile number, you are actually using a range of numbers. If your child's lexile number is 600L, they can look for a book 100L below or 50L above to find what lexile determines as their reading "sweet spot." Therefore, the child's range is 500L to 650L.

As a caution, remember that the lexile number is just a tool - one thing to consider in helping a child select a book. There are many things that determine what we want to read: our interests; the content; what our friends are reading; the purpose for reading this title. What the lexile number brings to the reader is the knowledge that if I chose a book in my lexile number range, I will be able to successfully read and comprehend this book.

After hearing about this program, we wanted to support the librarians, teachers, and students at the elementary school so this summer Cole Library has added a lexile number inside the front cover- beside the bar code in all of our juvenile chapter books to help children have a successful reading experience. This project is finally winding down as school begins.

So expand your reading selections with books from Cole Library.

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