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Read wins third straight Kraut title
August 16, 2013 · Jake Krob

Runners talked about him as soon as they knew he was there.

And Sam Read of Cedar Rapids proved once again why there was a buzz about him.

Read dominated the field of 207 runners and walkers at Lisbon's Kraut Route 5K Saturday morning, earning the title for the third consecutive year. He finished the race in 15:56, 1:18 ahead of runner-up Dan Schofer, the head men's and women's track and cross country coach at Cornell College. Amy Hassell, a former college runner who's a newcomer to Mount Vernon-Lisbon, was the first female finisher. The race was sponsored by Nolz Chiropractic.

Read, a Linn-Mar graduate, is entering his final year at Wartburg College in Waverly, where he's participated in both track and cross country. He's an accomplished distance runner for the Knights, whose success last year included winning the outdoor track and field title in the Iowa Conference.

The Kraut Route race was Read's second 5K this summer - the first was a Fourth of July race in Park Rapids, Minn., which he also won. He said he keeps coming back to Lisbon because "I like the small-town atmosphere and there's a nice big crowd at the finish." He added that he likes that organizers are always trying to improve the event. This year, for instance, chip timing was added.

It also helps that he's been dominating the race for the past three years. In 2012, he finished a minute ahead of the runner-up. In 2011, he beat out former Lisbon standout Conner Smock by about 30 seconds. Smock was at the race this year, but didn't run due to an ankle sprain.

Read started out fast Saturday, and quickly took the lead.

"I didn't see many people this year," he said.

He was joined in the race with his brother, Kyle, and father. Kyle will be a freshman at Wartburg this fall. In his first Kraut Route 5K, he finished third in 17:29.

In the women's field, Hassell finished first in 18:14, and was seventh overall. The female runner-up was Marie Schofer, who completed the course in 18:37. Hassell and Schofer often train together.

Hassell, 28 and a Pittsburgh native, ran cross country and mid-distances in track at Utah State. She and her family moved to Mount Vernon a year ago, when her husband, Hans, started work as a political science professor at Cornell.

This was Hassell's first Kraut Route 5K, and her second 5K this summer (she won the Solon Beef Days race).

She said she liked the Lisbon course, noting that it provides a few challenging hills and has a nice, flat last mile.

Overall Male: 1.Sam Read 15:56

Overall Female: 1.Amy Hassell, 18:14

Run results

1.Sam Read, Cedar Rapids, 15:56, 2.Dan Schofer, Mount Vernon, 17:14, 3.Kyle Read, Marion, 17:29, 4.Ean Caskey, Lisbon, 17:48, 5.Kory Swart, Mount Vernon, 18:02, 6.Daniel Miller, Buffalo Center, 18:14, 7.Amy Hassell, Mount Vernon, 18:14, 8.Chase McLaughlin, Anamosa, 18:25, 9.Marie Schofer, Mount Vernon, 18:37, 10.Jack Young, Mount Vernon, 18:39,

11.Dain Gerber, Anamosa, 19:10, 12.Andy Phillips, Iowa City, 19:12, 13.Murry Mente, Tipton, 19:21, 14.Wes Hilleshiem, Marion, 19:21, 15.Ben Gilbert, Mount Vernon 19:28, 16.Jeff Walberg, Mount Vernon, 19:32, 17.Colin Moore, North Liberty, 19:45, 18.Alex Wilson, Lisbon, 19:47, 19.Brianna Cook, Monticello, 19:54, 20.Kaden Kilburg, Lisbon, 19:56,

21.Matt Moyer, Cedar Rapids, 19:57, 22.Sarah Ritchie, Cedar Rapids, 20:08, 23.Randy Patten, Mount Vernon, 20:20, 24.Pat Dominy, North Liberty, 20:29, 25.Jacob Feldman, Mount Vernon, 20:36, 26.Austin Springsteen, Lisbon, 20:51, 27.Caleb Morningstar, Lisbon, 20:51, 28.Jordan Bahl, Lisbon, 20:55, 29.Kyle Mallie, Cedar Rapids, 20:57, 30.Joe Timm, Mount Vernon, 21:04,

31.Garrett Herring, Lisbon, 21:06, 32.Reid Smock, Lisbon, 21:08, 33.Matt Townsley, Mount Vernon, 21:17, 34.Margaret Strecker, Lisbon, 21:19, 35.Kendra Schmidt, Lisbon, 21:20, 36.Tyler Roos, Lisbon, 21:22, 37.Preston Lagrange, Swisher, 21:23, 38.Faith Anton, Mount Vernon, 21:24, 39.Ryan Olsem, Solon, 21:26, 40.Bob Read, Marion, 21:32,

41.John Hackbarth, Cedar Rapids, 21:37, 42.Katie Bretscher, Mount Vernon, 21:38, 43.Tyler Juhl, Des Moines, 21:40, 44.David Juhl, Des Moines, 21:40, 45.Colton Lagrange, Swisher, 21:41, 46.Tom Wolfe, Cedar Rapids, 21:43, 47.Adan Hertzke, Osceola, 21:44, 48.Nick Lee, Walford, 21:47, 49.Chuck Hardon, Cedar Rapids, 21:49, 50.Kristin Canning, Lisbon, 21:49,

51.Tom Redmond, Mount Vernon 21:57, 52.Doug Fishwild, Cedar Rapids, 22:04, 53.Justin Cook, Cedar Rapids, 22:12, 54.Gaven Hiler, Marion, 22:19, 55.Maren Jeppson, Mount Vernon, 22:20, 56.Brody Bohr, Shueyville, 22:24, 57.Erin Zinkula, Mount Vernon, 22:24, 58.Lucy Conroy, Mount Vernon, 22:24, 59.Bryce Deerberg, Bennett, 22:25, 60.Michael Bahl, Lisbon, 22:41,

61.Brent Mollenhauer, Lisbon, 22:54, 62.Payton Bahl, Lisbon, 23:15, 63.Chelsea Harris, Mount Vernon, 23:21, 64.Joe Kilburg, Lisbon, 23:40, 65.Kevin Steele, Lisbon, 23:42, 66.Dean Mallie, Lisbon, 23:45, 67.Chelsie Schortt, Mount Vernon, 23:56, 68.Kim Stewart, Des Moines, 24:01, 69.Emily Krall-Feldman, Lisbon, 24:04, 70.Amos Werderman, Cedar Rapids, 24:05,

71.Shawn Johson, Lisbon, 24:15, 72.Linda Wilson, Lisbon, 24:16, 73.Sarah Olsem, Solon, 24:17, 74.Kristi Bahl, Lisbon, 24:19, 75.Darryl Studt, Lisbon, 24:24, 76.Bill Blais, Hiawatha, 24:25, 77.Shane Dodge, Cedar Rapids, 24:28, 78.Ryan Brant, Davenport, 24:33, 79.John Bixler, Lisbon, 24:51, 80.Max Abodeely, Lisbon, 24:53,

81.Jean Springsteen, Lisbon, 24:58, 82.David Duer, Iowa City, 25:10, 83.John Garrison, Prattvile Alabama, 25:!2, 84.Zak Strecker, Lisbon, 25:13, 85.Alisha Yi, Marion, 25:27, 86.Christa Miller, Buffalo Center, 25:28, 87.George Ludeking, Norway, 25:29, 88.Jason Blinks, Mount Vernon, 25:43, 89.Adam Phillips, Des Moines, 25:44, 90.Pete Bahl, Lisbon, 25:52,

91.Tim Roth, Bellevue, 25:57, 92.Matt Nagle, Mount Vernon, 26:00, 93.Lori Gage, Fairbank, 26:00, 94.Kyla Brosh, Waseca Minnesota, 26:09, 95.Audrey Felderman, Lisbon, 26:14, 96.Leon Tabak, Mount Vernon, 26:19, 97.Doug Morningstar, Lisbon, 26:22, 98.Mary Morningstar, Lisbon, 26:22, 99.Kristie Bixler, Lisbon, 26:23, 100.Alex Abodeely, Lisbon, 26:26,

101.Jeremy Roth, Lisbon, 26:29, 102.Jodi Felderman, Lisbon, 26:44, 103.John Miller, Forest City, 26:48, 104.Caden Eskelsen, Lisbon, 26:53, 105.Sarah Covington, Mount Vernon, 26:54, 106.Aden Grudzinski, Anamosa, 26:59, 107.Bernadette Poduska, Lisbon, 27:00, 108.Mike Overman, St.Paul Minnesota, 27:06, 109.Paul Mallie, Fairfax, 27:08, 110.Lisa Bruce, Naperville Illinois, 27:24,

111.Andrea Fish, Vinton, 27:26, 112.Mya Dodge, Cedar Rapids, 27:27, 113.Tim Cahill, Lisbon, 27:31, 114.Crystal Eskelsen, Lisbon, 27:42, 115.Adam Fish, Vinton, 27:44, 116.Sean Bruce, Naperville Illinois, 27:48, 117.Deb Wright, Lisbon, 28:22, 118.Izzy Steele, Lisbon, 28:36, 119.Curt Eilers, Marion, 28:45, 120.Shana Eilers, Marion, 28:46,

121.Kaeden Harrer, Lisbon, 28:51, 122.Lisa Flaherty, Fairfax, 28:57, 123.Richard Eskelsen, Lisbon, 29:09, 124.Scott Utzinger, Cedar Rapids, 29:31, 125.Paul Strecker, Lisbon, 29:36, 126.William Bails, Stanwood, 29:40, 127.Ben Strecker, Lisbon, 29:48, 128.Devyn Decious, Lisbon, 29:54, 129.Baxter Bohr, Shueyville, 30:01, 130.Vern Vacek, Monticello, 30:04,

131.Riley Wright, Lisbon, 30:16, 132.James Cannon, Lisbon, 30:19, 133.Tyler Scott, Lisbon, 30:22, 134.Meretta Blinks, Lisbon, 30:24, 135.Shannon Studt, Lisbon, 30:26, 136.Makenzie Frey, Lisbon, 30:28, 137.Robyn Netz, Cedar Rapids, 30:46, 138.Hannah Dighton, Lisbon, 30:27, 139.Tanner Drabek, Altoona, 30:48, 140.Ayva Bohr, Shueyville, 30:52,

141.Deb Rasmussen, Lisbon, 30:55, 142.Russ Rasmussen, Lisbon, 30:55, 143.Michele Grudzinski, Anamosa, 31:22, 144.Rae Ann, Maquoketa, 31:29, 145.Malisa McQuown, Marion, 31:53, 146.Melissa Hocking, LIsbon, 31:54, 147.Julie Carl-Vacek, Monticello, 31:56, 148.Caiden Atienze, Maquoketa, 31:58, 149.Janine West, Mount Vernon, 32:03, 150.Sue Mollenhauer, Lisbon, 32:23,

151.Jayne Tuetken, Monticello, 32:32, 152.Elana Decker, Hiawatha, 32:33, 153.Sophie Jennett, Lisbon, 32:40, 154.Madison Boha, Lisbon, 32:41, 155.Aiden Hansen, Lisbon, 33:31, 156.Erin Harrer, Lisbon, 33:42, 157.Dennis Allard, Mount Vernon, 33:48, 158.Carol Day, Lisbon, 33:57, 159.Stuart Werling, Tipton, 33:57, 160.Laurianne Faugstad, Lisbon, 34:12,

161.Soraya Teeling, Lisbon, 34:12, 162.Ron Wright, Lisbon, 34:52, 163.Megan Blinks, Lisbon, 35:19, 164.Vicki Daniel, Tipton, 35:45, 165.Jill Deerberg, Bennett, 36:08, 166.Emma Schaerr, Cedar Rapids, 36:44, 167.Kelbie Eskelsen, Lisbon, 36:45, 168.Emma Howard, Lisbon, 37:16, 169.Rylan Allison, Anamosa, 37:16, 170.Stephanie Hasselman, Lisbon, 37:17,

171.Paula Werling, Lisbon, 38:02, 172.Katie Schaier, Iowa City, 38:09, 173.Aubury Dodge, Cedar Rapids, 38:43, 174.Joey Morningstar, Siloam Springs, Ark., 38:47, 175.Kelcie Morningstar, Siloam Springs, Ark., 38:47, 176.Emily Schultz, Lisbon, 39:30, 177.McKenna Nelson, Lisbon, 39:30, 178.Chris Alexander, Lisbon, 40:15, 179.Doyal Alexander, Lisbon, 40:16, 180.Chris Cannon, Lisbon, 41:21,

181.Olivia Hasselman, Lisbon, 41:23, 182.Samantha Bennett, Lisbon, 41:25, 183.Brett Happel, Lisbon, 41:31, 184.John Raymond, Lisbon, 42:00, 185.Sarah Raymond, Lisbon, 42:01, 186.Vance Arnold, Lisbon, 45:01, 187.Lori Arnold, Lisbon, 45:01, 188.Ethan Hoestra, Solon, 46:18, 189.Eric Hoestra, Solon, 46:18, 190.Kolsie Bixler, Lisbon, 54:18, 191.Nikki Morgan, Mount Vernon, 56:27.


1.Luke Felderman, Lisbon, 31:08, 2.Christine Wiskus, Lisbon, 37:59, 3.Ann Cannon, Lisbon, 41:59, 4.Kelly Roth, North Liberty, 46:51, 5.Lou Ann Roth, Bellevue, 46:54, 6.Mike Roth, Bellevue, 48:16, 7.Harold Schulze, Cedar Rapids, 49:48, 8.Kali Nelson, Lisbon, 51:26, 9.Angel Dighton, Lisbon, 51:26, 10.Cassie Sproston, Lisbon, 54:18, 11.Jenna Dains, Mechanicsville, 54:24, 12.Heather Polhamus, Lisbon, 56:24, 13.Dawn Copess, Lisbon, 56:25, 14.Caitlin Alexander, Lisbon, 1:01:06, 15.Casey Alexander, Lisbon, 1:01:06, 16.Jazmine Alexander, Lisbon, 1:01:12.

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