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Pool likely to close forever Sept. 3
August 23, 2013 · Jennifer Pandich

The wading pool in Lisbon may be closing for the last time on Sept. 3, but some city leaders aren't excited about it.

The small pool, located in City Park, does not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and would require yet another waiver from the state to remain in operation. Additionally, according to Lisbon parks and recreation director Liz Neff, it requires a lot of maintenance. She feels the funds currently being spent on maintenance would be better used if put toward a splash pad, as do the current park and rec board members, according to board member Nathan Smith.

"A splash pad would distinguish us from other communities," Neff said. "It could also be used by a greater number of groups and would be ADA compliant."

The Lisbon City Council, however, is not sure this is best course of action.

"Lots of people use the pool," said council member Lance Zerbe.

Council member Travis Jubeck wanted to know how long residents would be without a facility. He also asked, "What are the relative costs?" Another council member wondered if city workers could build a new wading pool.

Water/wastewater superintendent Travis Bagby said he has looked into replacing the pool.

"Plans for any pool have to be stamped by an engineer," he said.

Streets superintendent Tony Nost said city workers could remove the existing pool, but should not put in a new one.

Bagby said putting in a new wading pool would cost about $200 per square foot, with a replacement cost of the current pool somewhere between $40,000 and $45,000. A splash pad would likely cost about $125,000.

"Maybe the state would give us another waiver if we had plans in place to replace the pool while we get funding for a new one," said council member Doug O'Connor.

The parks and recreation board had a company that installs splash pads make a presentation in March. The council requested that Neff ask the company to come talk to them before they make any decisions on the permanent closure of the current pool.

"Maybe we could put in a pool and add a splash pad," said Jubeck.

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