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Are you ready for some football fantasy football?
September 04, 2013

It is a billion dollar industry serving more than 36 million people and it can be a librarian's ally.

Fantasy sports, like fantasy football, challenge players to select a team, make trades, and set rosters to achieve points from players in various positions and sports. Millions of Americans watch football during the fall, and track the success or failure of their selected players from week to week.

The NFL promotes fantasy football because it engages viewers in games beyond their home team. The Cole Library is promoting fantasy football because it engages our patrons in important information skills. This coming week the Cole Library will host two fantasy football workshops to help players dominate their leagues.

Successful players of fantasy sports are also successful users and evaluators of information. Librarians at all levels (public, K-12, and college) work with students and patrons to promote and develop information literacy.

Information literacy at its essence is the ability to find, evaluate, and use information. These information skills are exactly what fantasy football and other fantasy sports players use to determine who to draft, place in a lineup, and change throughout the season.

Determining accurate information, comparing sources, and applying what was learned are skills that transfer to all types of information. Good fantasy football players are good users of information. And that is a skill set that libraries can help foster throughout the community.

At 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 4, the Cole Library will help foster these skills with a fantasy football workshop.

The workshop will look at a variety of online sources, evaluate which sources are accurate, and hear strategies from successful local players. It's a great starting point for people new to fantasy football. And for experienced players, the workshop is a chance to brag about victory.

Speaking of bragging rights, anyone interested in challenging the College Librarian to a test of information and fantasy football skills can do so this year. The Cole Library will host an all-ages fantasy football league for anyone interested. Please email and put those information literacy skills to the test.

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