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Mount Vernon City Council: Eric Roudabush
October 28, 2013

• Age: 48

• Education/military service: BGM High School, 1984, Brooklyn, Iowa; University of Iowa BS in Industrial Engineering, Minor in Business Administration, 1990

• Occupation: Cost Estimating and Analysis for the Naval Air Warefare Center, Raytheon, & Rolls-Royce; manager of Customer Operations for Alliant Energy; owner of two small businesses, ER Construction (Indiana) and ER: The House Doctor (Current); 35 years of residential and commercial construction experience.

• Family: Wife of 24 years, Virginia Roudabush. Children Nile (20) and Miranda (18), both MVCSD graduates serving in the U.S. Navy, and Mallory (15) and Faith (10), current MVCSD students.

• Community involvement/elected service: Volunteer for spring clean-up days, Magical Night, the dog park, MV Athletic Booster Club, MV Fine Arts Association and Habitat for Humanity. I have assisted in Boy Scout Eagle Scout projects / Girl Scout Gold, Silver and Bronze projects. Maintenance volunteer for Antioch Christian Church.

Why are you running for a position on the Mount Vernon City Council?

Want to give back to the community and insure our priorities reflect the direction supported by the people of Mount Vernon.

What is the role of the city council?

To approve city ordinances, allocate revenue for appropriate expenditures, oversee city services and promote economic growth.

What experiences/background would make you a good city council member?

I bring solid experience in cost estimating and analysis, construction, and utilities, as well as an understanding of small business ownership. I am a logical thinking problem solver who wants to ensure needs are prioritized and executed using the most effective means possible.

What are top three strengths of the City of Mount Vernon and how should the city capitalize on those strengths?

The three strengths are: the unique history of Mount Vernon, the residential diversity, and the educational opportunities, through both MVCSD and Cornell.

What are top three biggest challenges facing the City of Mount Vernon and how should they be addressed?

Infrastructure, project planning and economic development are the three biggest challenges facing Mount Vernon.

I believe we must prioritize the infrastructure to proactively address the water, sewer, streets, curbs, and sidewalks that ensure all our residents and businesses have a solid foundation. Ensure we have knowledgeable resources and well planned designs so projects are completed on time, within scope and on budget without needing significant re-work. This will ensure more resources for more projects. Then we need to encourage an increase in our tax base through continued economic development that brings more tourism and business to Mount Vernon.

What should the top three budget priorities be for the City of Mount Vernon?

Employees that provide services to the residents/businesses of our city, proactive infrastructure maintenance, and public safety should be the top three budget priorities.

Often times council members have a niche - or an experience - they bring to city government. What is yours?

My diverse background in construction, engineering, and cost analysis are the experiences that will most benefit the council. Those skills will complement the current board's expertise in human resources, education, community relationships, and business development so we have well-rounded skills sets with which to evaluate the needs of Mount Vernon.

What's your position on the proposed Mount Vernon community / wellness center?

If the community wants a community/wellness center, we will see private donors step up to make it a reality. The community will speak to what they are willing to fund and what unmet needs can be obtained through such a center.

What should be done, if anything, to resolve sharing issues between Mount Vernon and Lisbon police departments?

Mount Vernon has extended assistance and sharing opportunities from the police department for the benefit of both communities. If those offers are not accepted, our police department can focus solely on the needs of the residents of Mount Vernon.

If elected, what actions, if any should the city council take immediately?

Review current budget allocations and prioritize infrastructure that will support all other community projects and services.

Are you supporting either of the candidates for mayor, or any other candidates for city council? If so, who?

I am supporting Jim Moore for mayor and Bill Niemi for city council. I feel both of these gentlemen bring fiscally responsible priorities to their respective roles. With the three of us joining the current council members, we will work together to ensure our residents have the services necessary to continue to see Mount Vernon be the great community it is today, and set it up for increased economic growth in the future.

Why should citizens vote for you?

I will ensure the citizens of Mount Vernon have a representative who will listen to all points of view, considers cost-benefit options, and votes in a manner that best serves the needs of Mount Vernon residents and businesses.

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