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Cole Corner: Game on: Check out Intíl Games Day Nov. 16
November 12, 2013 · Paul Waelchli

Joy, humor, cooperation, competition, deceit - these are not characteristics for the coming holiday season, but they are characteristics of some of the most successful games.

Games, like holidays, can bring people together and on Saturday, Nov. 16, the Cole Library will bring people together for International Games Day @ Your Library.

For the past two years, the Cole Library has participated in this international event. This year libraries from every continent, including Antarctica, are hosting gaming events. The Cole Library joins the festivities with its own event from 1 to 4 p.m. on Nov. 16.

Over the past two years at Cole Library's game days, parents and preschoolers played spelling games, Cornell students taught middle school students how to play complicated strategy games, and children of all ages laughed trying to finish first in Mario Kart. Each year, the library offers a selection of board games and video games that bring people together.

Games can do more than bring people together though. They can help reinforce logic, history, geography, process order, evaluation of information, and systematic thinking. Because of these skills, the American Library Association has supported good games and gaming experiences since 2006. The American Library Association has promoted award-winning games that cover presidential elections (1960: The Making of the President-board game), United States and world geography (10 Days Across the USA-board game), spatial relationships (The World of Goo-PC, iOS, Android), and spelling (Bookworm-PC). These games and many others find new ways to bring people of various ages together and teach a little along the way.

Please join us at the Cole Library on Saturday, Nov. 16, and try a few new games. There may be some competition and deceitful strategy, but there will also be cooperation, humor and joy. And maybe even a little learning.

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