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Archery camp draws nearly 50 participants
June 23, 2014

Mount Vernon Parks and Recreation and the Mount Vernon Archery Club partnered again to offer an archery camp for third through fifth grade students. A total of 46 students participated in the week-long camp last week at the First Street Community Center.

Archers were introduced to archery basics during the week and culminated with a tournament on Friday.  Camp coordinators were Matt Siders and Tom Wilkinson. Coaches were Wilkinson, Laurie Keller, Beth Johnson and Sandy Tanberg.

Archery mentors who individually instructed student archers included:

Aden Grudzinski, Aubree Vlasek, Brandon Lochner, Christian Tanberg, Clarissa Player, Emily Friedman, Gage Lochner, Jake Hunter, Laura Player, Lexi Kelly, Logan Kelly, Mandy Morrical, Matt Morrical, Max Siders, Preston Johnson, Rachel Lochner, Sadie Player and Zach Vig.

Tournament results:

Third grade girls - Mackenzie Parks, 1st; Lily Rechkemmer, 2nd; and

Fiona Spencer, 3rd.

Third grade boys - Beau Slaton, 1st; Clark Younggreen, 2nd; Ryder Bunch, 3rd.

Fourth grade girls - Mae Owen, 1st; Hannah DeWitte, 2nd; Quinlan Denes, 3rd.

Fourth grade boys - Owen Brase, 1st; Henry Steine, 2nd; Gideon St Onge, 3rd.

Fifth grade girls - Anna Nydegger, 1st; Quinn Alles, 2nd.

Fifth grade boys - Keean Kamerling, 1st; Tyler Vanous, 2nd.

Individual results:

Abbie Morf 110, Amanda Bishop 97, Anna Nydegger 264, Ava Dimmer 104, Beau Slaton 247, Ben Johnson 195, Ben Nydegger 182, Caleb Day 149, Clark Younggreen 239, Connor Spencer 176, Cooper Parks 228, Cooper Schoff 177, Ethan Plotz 209, Ethan Stanerson 189, Evan Brase 183, Ezra Chapman 119, Fiona Spencer 125, Gideon St Onge 222, Hannah DeWitte 253, Henry Ryan 179, Henry Steine 225, Jessica Belding 237, Josiah Day 219, Kael Dimmer 216, Keean Kamerling 254, Kendall Ruden 158, Kenzie Rentschler 180, Landyn Kintzel 222, Lawson Hasley 84, Leah Slaton 165, Lily Rechkemmer 133, Mackenzie Parks 197, Madelyn Plotz 153, Mae Owen 268, Marin Denes 121, Mark Liberko 218, Owen Brase 231, Quinlan Denes 243, Quinn Alles 207, Ryder Bunch 233, Skyler Stoner 179, Sophia Bunch 112, Tori Oelrich 124, Tyler Reyhons 172, Tyler Vanous 237.

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