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Madness: Itís unpredictable and thatís why we love it
March 24, 2011 · Crystal Eskelsen

So how is your bracket looking after the first two rounds of the NCAA men's basketball tournament are in the history books?

Mine is a sea of red marks! My fortune-telling skills completely failed me.

There were some incredible wins - Morehead State over Louisville, VCU over Purdue and Butler over Pitt, to name a few.

After a fun weekend of basketball, I find myself wanting someone to teach me how to Jimmer. But I'm not even sure what that means!

It is a tight race among the 111 contest entries we received this year - that is to say we are all doing equally bad!

If you are among those competing for the top overall prize, you should be thanking your lucky stars that Dave Morris is employed by the Sun newspaper and won't be included in the race for the prize.

Dave picked 29 of the first 32 correct. That's right, he only missed three of the first round games. The key to his success, he says: He used President Obama's pics. The next closest competitor to Dave came in at 26.

There were 5.9 million brackets filled out on the ESPN website and only one of those brackets has 15 of the Sweet 16 right. There were just 108 of those almost 6 million entries that had 14 of 16 right. No one got them all correct.

The top scorers in the first round for the men were Caleb Schmidt and Ben Brannaman with 26 points.

When there is a tie, we draw a name for the prize winner and the men's winner in the first round is Ben Brannaman. The second round men's winner was Bob Wolfe with 22 second round points.

The first round for the women led to a five-way tie at 25 points. Hanna Giegerich, Nancy Pisarik, Valerie Binsfield, Jackie Jaeger and Addie Heiken tied, but the prize goes to Nancy Pisarik.

The second round for the women was a two-way tie between Jenna Pisarik and Cathy Jordan at 22 points. Jenna Pisarik is the prize winner.

The first round for the kids was a two-way tie between Macy Eskelsen and Nicole Binsfield at 25 points - because they're kids, both will get a prize!

Madi Cranston won the second round for the kids with 20 points.

Please stop by the Sun office to pick up your prize.

Top ten scores after first

two rounds of games

1. Caleb Schmidt 46, Ben Brannaman 46

3. Hanna Giegerich 45

4. Cathy Jordan 44, Jenna Pisarik 44, Bob Wolfe 44, John Pospisil 44, Casey Mote 44

9. Addie Heiken 43, Kim Williams 43, Jackie Jaeger 43, Valerie Binsfield 43, Nancy Pisarik 43, Madi Cranston 43, Nicole Binsfield 43, Hal Dendurant 43, Peter Bahl 43, Jeremy Hotz 43, Matt McAlexander 43

the rest of us...

Tracy Schmidt 42, Lori Cranston 42, Suzette Kragenbrink 42, Nate Willems 42, Ben Atkins 42, Calvin Kragenbrink 42, Kristin Reimann 41, Ann Hufford 41, Ruth Clark 41, Kylie Werderman 41, Denice Cardon 41, Payton Bahl 41, Riley Clark 41, Maria McAlexander 41, Hunter Hutchison 41, Traysen Schaefer 41, Rodney O'Brine 41, John Novak 41, Rawley Alger 41, Bill Stewart 41, Doug Fisher 41, Mike Cranston 41, Mitchell Kragenbrink 41, Molly Novak 40, Jenna Reimann 40, Danielle Heiken 40, Doris McElmeel 40, Jack Kragenbrink 40, Jacob Hansen 40, Dan Williams 40, Shane Williams 40, Loren Williams 40, Alex Minor 40, Joshua Hanson 40, Dan Cox 40, Randy Jaeger 40, Cory Brannaman 40, Sharon Dendurant 39, Shannon Williams 39, Conni Swart 39, Allison Jaeger 39, Ryan Clark 39, Mark Binsfield 39, Bruce Heiken 39, Rob Hanson 39, Marty Williams 39, Blain Litts 39, Molly Giegerich 38, Jean Litts 38, Karon Thompson 38, Angie Williams 38, Sandy McConaughy 38, Melissa Alger 38, Ryan Williams 38, Megan Fisher 38, Dennis Williams 38, Jake Pisarik 38, Ron Pisarik 38, Kurt Pisarik 38, Nicole McAlexander 37, Macy Eskelsen 37, Caden Eskelsen 37, Casey Lamparek 37, Cliff Swart 37, Kory Swart 37, Jordan Bahl 37, Lisa Alger 36, Kelbie Eskelsen 36, Ryan Cox 36, Ernie Goodlove 36, Mel Steen 35, Mike Thomsen 34, Ian Dye 34, Shirley Santee 33, Kristin Kimm 33, Adam Vig 33, Penelope Vig 32, Lindsey Gasper 32, Paul Reimann 32, Rachel Reimann 30, Kiersten Swart 30, Sydney & Abby Jones 30, Matt Alger 30, Angelynn Eskelsen 29, Darin Vig 29, Laura Swart 28, Zach Vig 27, Marissa Cranston 26, Meg & Nora Dye 26, Charlene Vig 23.

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