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Sun Editorial: A welcome addition to Lisbon
April 20, 2017
Lisbon-Mount Vernon should be incredibly grateful and fortunate.

Living in Iowa: What would you do if you found a package with a nice note and blue plaster foot?
by Dan Brawner · April 20, 2017
Last week, Max Ostby of Iowa City was at the Devonian Fossil Gorge in Coralville with his four-year-old son when he spotted a mysterious package wrapped in blue cellophane.

Sunny Side: Bee City a welcome addition to local landscape
by Erica Dawson · April 20, 2017
Now that spring is here, I'm really excited that Mount Vernon has been named a Bee City affiliate. The town, with its abundance of well-tended gardens, yards and parks (not to mention the beautiful mature trees), is always a delightful place to take a leisurely stroll throughout the warmer months.

Musings: No surprise here: Small-town journalist wins Pulitzer
by Jake Krob · April 20, 2017
Holy moly. He won a Pulitzer Prize. Those are my words, not his. He followed "holy" with a different four-letter word.

Franchise fee adds to increasing utility costs
by B.J. Henthorn · April 20, 2017
I see that the city council has voted, unanimously, to set a five percent "franchise fee" on electric bills for the people of Mount Vernon!

Roundabout decision created need for franchise fee in City of Mount Vernon
by M. Philip Lucas · April 20, 2017
Mount Vernon It is always a good idea to keep matters in historical perspective to understand how we arrive at a certain dilemma. The recent proposal to create franchise fees on electric and gas bills is a good example.

Sun Editorial: Preparing to serve: Filing period coming soon for local elections
April 13, 2017
Perhaps it was the this year's crazy presidential election. Maybe it's all the fast-paced bills moving through the Iowa legislature. Regardless of the reason, we're seeing a surge of interest in politics - in public service.

Musings: Hometown Teams series results in delightful discoveries
by Jake Krob · April 13, 2017
The marvelous thing about perusing the pages of a newspaper: serendipity.

Living in Iowa: Fly the friendly skies of United - ladies and gents, this is going to get bumpy
April 13, 2017
Last Monday, United Airlines Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked and four passengers were asked to take a later flight. No one wanted to, so United picked four "volunteers." Three accepted the $800 in compensation, but one passenger refused. The 69-year-old Asian physician explained he could not give up his seat because he had to see patients in Louisville the next morning. United politely asked him to reconsider, then called in three Chicago cops who dragged him off the plane, banging his head on an armrest, leaving him unconscious and bleeding from the mouth. The other passengers screamed, children cried, and, yes, somebody recorded the whole thing on video and distributed it to every major news network.

Sunny Side: Joy discovered in poetry
by Nathan Countryman · April 13, 2017
This month, I'm thankful for a time to remember the importance of poetry and favorite poets.

Celebrate Science Olympiad's historic trip to nationals
by C. Sherene Hansen Player · April 13, 2017
In 2014, Mount Vernon High School sent its first team to the State Science Olympiad Competition and came home with a third-place finish. This astounded not only the team, but also the many schools from across the state that they were competing against, many of which are three to four times the size of Mount Vernon.

Sports exhibit is great, but small towns need sustainability - local food is option
by E. Paul Durrenberger · April 13, 2017
I was glad to read that the Smithsonian's Home Town Teams display will be visiting Mount Vernon. Local sports are one way to maintain our communities. Though Mount Vernon is obviously a thriving community, the necessity for such activities lies in the decline of small towns all over Iowa, caused in part by our economy shifting away from local agricultural production. Every resident can talk about examples.

Sun Editorial: State: Invest in communication about bypass work disruptions
April 6, 2017
Construction of the Hwy. 30 bypass is going to be incredibly disruptive in Mount Vernon and Lisbon.

Living in Iowa: He can't tell a joke, but won't stop trying
by Dan Brawner · April 6, 2017
Donald Trump's approval rating is 35 percent. Of course, there is a learning curve and, in all fairness, President of the United States is the hardest job in the world. But I suspect that Trump's biggest challenge is he can't tell a joke.

Sunny Side: Monsters invade track for 10th straight year
April 6, 2017
Have you met a monster? Chances are you probably have.
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