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Sun Editorial: As Lisbon eyes bond vote, some ideas for school facilities
March 23, 2017
It's early, we know. But Lisbon is doing the right thing to plan now for school facility upgrades. We have some thoughts, and think you should provide feedback now as well.

Living in Iowa: The sad tale of the giant turtle: You just can't give some people money
by Dan Brawner · March 23, 2017
Capitalism isn't for everybody. Sure, it may work fine for some people. But others might not find the ravenous pursuit of wealth quite so, well, nourishing. Take Omsin, for example. She was a 25-year-old from Sri Rachia in Eastern Thailand for whom capitalism led to a painful and untimely death.

Sunny Side: Speech opportunities benefit students beyond school years
by Ann Gruber-Miller · March 23, 2017
I've been marveling lately at the great speech opportunities we have in this community.

Musings: Anxiety about missing out comes in new forms today
by Jake Krob · March 23, 2017
If you slept in past 7 a.m., there was intense anxiety. You missed out on the plans for the day.

Arts Council grateful for award-winning student
by Steve Maravetz · March 23, 2017
On behalf of the Mount Vernon Area Arts Council, I'd like to extend our congratulations and thanks to Ryan Murphy, this year's winner of both the Prudential Spirit of Community Award and the President's Volunteer Service Award.

Sun Editorial: Demo law not only protection
March 16, 2017
As the City of Mount Vernon works on a new law to thwart the demolition of historic buildings here, we wonder what more can be done to preserve important properties.

Living in Iowa: Longest-running satellite has big Iowa roots
by Dan Brawner · March 16, 2017
This Thursday will be the 50th birthday of one of America's greatest explorers, now largely forgotten. This unique pioneer has traveled more than six billion miles and shows no sign of slowing down, despite being officially retired. Vanguard 1 was launched on St. Patrick's Day 1958 to become Earth's fourth and longest continuously orbiting artificial satellite. The six-inch diameter scientific instrument, which Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev mocked as a "grapefruit satellite," has now completed more than 197,000 Earth orbits and was the first satellite powered by solar cells. And its creation and success is due in no small part to Iowa's own genius rocket scientist James Van Allen.

Sunny Side: Sowing seeds of helping others, despite differences
by Jim Bonewald · March 16, 2017
I'm not much of a gardener. But I do enjoy this time of the year.

Musings: School visit, field trip reminders of tough job teachers have
by Jake Krob · March 16, 2017
The kids' hands shot up as soon as we sat down.

Guest Column: What does it mean to have tobacco-free parks?
by RC RAIL COALITION · March 16, 2017
Late last spring, the Mount Vernon and Lisbon city councils passed local ordinances for Tobacco and Nicotine Free Parks with support from ASAC and RC RAIL Coalition. The ordinance states that on park grounds, smoking and the use of any tobacco product, nicotine product, or electronic smoking device (ESD), by any person, in any publicly owned outdoor park or outdoor recreational facility, is prohibited at all times.

Sun Editorial: Threats to media are bigger threats to citizens, democracy
March 9, 2017
Some state lawmakers want government to be less transparent. Some national leaders want citizens to believe news isn't real if it's something they don't like.

Living in Iowa: The fact of the matter is, Americans don't trust anyone
by Dan Brawner · March 9, 2017
Americans don't much trust the news media. According to the latest Gallup poll, the proportion of Americans who approve "quite a lot" of television and print media news is around 13 percent. That sounds pretty low until you consider that only 21 percent approve of the Supreme Court, 16 percent approve of banks and only about six percent like Congress quite a lot. (That six percent must be on some very effective medication.) So, maybe it's not so much that we don't trust the media. We don't trust anybody. And for good reason.

Musings: State follows local lead to make old papers accessible
by Jake Krob · March 9, 2017
Soon, a quick trip to Iowa City or Des Moines will give you Iowa's history at your fingertips.

Sunny Side: Friendly neighborhood squirrels
by Erica Dawson · March 9, 2017
Every yard in Mount Vernon has at least one.

Guest Column: Play it safe St. Paddy's Day
by Doug Shannon, Mount Vernon Police Department · March 9, 2017
The Mount Vernon Police Department, Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Iowa Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau (GTSB) are urging partiers this St. Patrick's Day to find a safe ride home if you plan on drinking.
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