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Sun Editorial: Wishes for the new school year
August 17, 2017
Summer is gone. Sauerkraut Days rang the final bell on the break from school - classes in Lisbon-Mount Vernon begin next week, and Cornell College starts Sept. 4.

Guest Column: Did you know? Facts about the LMV Ambulance Service
by by Lisbon-Mount Vernon Ambulance Service · August 17, 2017
The Lisbon-Mount Vernon Ambulance Service (LMVAS) is staffed by 26 volunteers, one paid director/paramedic and one part-time paid paramedic. LMVAS is licensed at a paramedic level, which means we can provide advanced levels of care when a paramedic or advanced EMT is available.

Living in Iowa: Race is on to choose new Iowa license plate
by Dan Brawner · August 17, 2017
Iowans will soon be getting new license plates. Who cares? Well, it turns out a lot of people care. At the Iowa Department of Transportation booth at the Iowa State Fair (yes, the IDOT has its own booth) more than 85,000 people voted on Aug. 10 alone for their favorite of three possible license plate designs.

Sunny Side: Thanks to the village
by Crystal Eskelsen · August 17, 2017
They say it takes a village to raise a child. I'm grateful for the village we live in and the people who are actively involved in helping me raise my kids to become competent adults.

City: Make sure new housing plans include needs for all
by Mette G. Kelley · August 17, 2017
I was very encouraged to learn that Skogman plans to build more housing in Mount Vernon.

Playing at Cornell 'slap in face' to donors, others
by Jan Majors · August 17, 2017
Tell me it's not true that MVHS is paying Cornell College for the Mustang varsity football team to play their football games on Cornell's field?

Sun Editorial: Encourage residential growth
August 10, 2017
You've heard the anecdotes. Someone wants to move to Mount Vernon-Lisbon, but can't find a fitting place to live. And the stats back that up.

Sunny Side: A great place to stroll
by Erica Dawson · August 10, 2017
It's easy to take for granted how great it is to live in a small town where everything is within walking or biking distance. While I often mindlessly hop in the car to run a local errand, sometimes, especially in the summer when the weather is nice, I try to step back and remember what a treat it is to be able to take a pleasant stroll to wherever I'm going in town. In Mount Vernon and Lisbon, we can even walk between the two towns without any hassle.

Living in Iowa: Greycee, the young mare, ain't what she used to be, but at least she can stay home
by Dan Brawner · August 10, 2017
You can't blame Greycee for making such a fuss. All she wanted was to stay with her people in Iowa.

Musings: Ace saves the day; let's keep it that way
by Jake Krob · August 10, 2017
"Thank God for John," Eli remarked as we jumped into the SUV, haggard and sweaty.

Grateful for flowers
by Marty Condon · August 10, 2017
Thank you to all the people in Mount Vernon whose beautiful gardens and flowers make my heart sing. Thank you for your daily gift of joy!

Guest Column: Appreciating old places, preservation
by Sue Astley, MV Historic Preservation Commission · August 10, 2017
On June 8, I found myself in the majestic First United Methodist Church in Fort Dodge. I wasn't there for a religious service, even though the weekend held many inspiring moments for me. I was there for the opening session of the Preserve Iowa Summit. The Summit is an annual event for professionals and community volunteers who are interested in historic preservation. As I am a newly appointed member of the Mount Vernon Historic Preservation Commission, the Summit was a great place for me to learn.

Sun Editorial: Keep it simple, city: ban fireworks
August 3, 2017
City of Mount Vernon leaders: Just ban consumer fireworks.

Living in Iowa: The cautionary tale of The Mooch reminds us we're not so bad
by Dan Brawner · August 3, 2017
Let us raise our glasses to outgoing White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci. By the end of his short tenure, The Mooch had thrown himself onto the funeral pyre of history, sacrificing what appeared to be a promising career to show us that, no matter what we've seen lately, it doesn't pay be to be a jerk.

Sunny Side: Fortunate for great local art
by Ann Gruber-Miller · August 3, 2017
I've been in awe this summer at how many talented people we have in our community who regularly come together to provide us great musical and theatrical entertainment. I've thought many times that it's amazing we don't have to go outside our community to hear and see great shows.
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