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Living in Iowa: Fighting back against the harsh Iowa winter with spring cleaning
by Dan Brawner · February 27, 2015
At our house, we have been so tired of cold weather that we knew we had to do something desperate.

Letters to the editor
February 27, 2015

Musings: A NASA study and a local group's new efforts
by Jake Krob · February 27, 2015
A recently released study by NASA says "megadroughts" are a real threat.

Sun editorial: Plenty of studies, evidence to help city with housing issue
February 27, 2015
We think the city should play a role, mainly through developing a housing commission and hiring professionals to help with economic development

Sun editorial: Process needed for tabled school plan
February 20, 2015

Living in Iowa: Death penalty in Iowa and 'stand your ground' proposals ought to scare us
by Dan Brawner · February 20, 2015
While we normal, happy folks go on about our day, trying to make life better for our loved ones and the world in general, our representatives are hard at work, thinking up ways to deal with horrible situations.

Letters to the editor
February 20, 2015
School should get 'fiscal house in order' and set a plan; market should dictate needs

Musings: Memorial is a fitting tribute for the Novak boys
by Jake Krob · February 20, 2015
It's the perfect memorial to remember a couple of boys who truly knew the value of a buddy.

Living in Iowa: The spirit of St. Valentine's Day: Chocolate, flowers, guilt and frothy nothings
by Dan Brawner · February 13, 2015
I'm not saying all holidays are necessarily designed to instill guilt in order to manipulate us into pretending to be somebody we're not. It is, of course, true for Valentine's Day.

Guest column: Radon poses serious problems, but easy to correct
by David Osterberg & Nancy Wyland · February 13, 2015

Sun editorial: Support splash pad project
February 5, 2015
We believe it could be one of the biggest projects in recent Lisbon history, and that you should consider supporting it. We're referring to Lisbon's plans to replace its wading pool in City Park with a larger wading pool/splash pad structure.

Living in Iowa: After a mild January, a sudden February snow tells us that it is still winter - who knew?
by Dan Brawner · February 5, 2015
Last week, if Punxsutawney Phil, the famous Philadelphia groundhog meteorologist, had predicted six more weeks of winter, nobody would have believed him. Now, it's like - so what else is new, Phil?

Letters to the Editor
February 5, 2015
School facilities, school start date

Musings: Helping to further your engagement with your hometown
by Jake Krob · February 5, 2015
A story on Iowa Public Radio's "River to River" program a month ago found me telling the story of small-town newspapers. It came at a time when we at the Sun began making a few tweaks to enhance your paper.

Letters to the Editor
January 29, 2015
School bond proposal, start dates
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