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Sun editorial: Enrollment will drive needs
July 17, 2014

Living in Iowa: Maybe you can't see black holes, but they still exist - just like the one on Hwy. 1
by Dan Brawner · July 17, 2014

Letters to the Editor
July 17, 2014
Mom, grandmother thankful for community's support of her family

Musings: A tiny story illustrates nation's immigration problems
by Jake Krob · July 17, 2014

Sun editorial: Grateful in the wake of disaster
July 10, 2014
What Mount Vernon-Lisbon experienced June 29 and 30 will go down as one of the worst weather events this community has seen.

Living in Iowa: What has more disgusting germs than a toilet? Your cell phone!
by Dan Brawner · July 10, 2014
Shakespeare's Othello shows that betrayal and death can come from that which is closest to you. Like your cell phone.

Musings: Shepley, local merchants and a t-shirt: Shop locally!
by Jake Krob · July 10, 2014

Living in Iowa: When a meteorologist says the sky is falling, sometimes it actually is
by Dan Brawner · July 3, 2014

Musings: Story makes it clear: Time to ban texting and driving
by Jake Krob · July 3, 2014

Sun editorial: Service more important than fireworks for Independence Day
July 3, 2014

Sun editorial: Schools should continue sharing ways
June 26, 2014
We see a renewed sense of sharing between the Mount Vernon and Lisbon school districts that we hope continues - for the benefit of students and taxpayers.

Living in Iowa: Johnson County's 60,000-pound armored vehicle - it's not really a tank, and it's free
by Dan Brawner · June 26, 2014
As Sen. Charles Grassley once famously observed with the $2,000 toilet seats, the federal government is not always a smart shopper.

Letters to the Editor
June 26, 2014
Please leave dogs at home during Heritage Days

Musings: Hoping for a more meaningful election season
by Jake Krob · June 26, 2014

Living in Iowa: Training away conditions doesn't even work for dogs
by Dan Brawner · June 23, 2014
If only I had received right-handed therapy as a child, I would now be able to use a pair of scissors with the proper hand without hurting my fingers.
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