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Sun Editorial: Vote 'yes' for water quality, flood control, parks, trails
October 27, 2016
It's the right investment for Linn County, including Mount Vernon and Lisbon. We say vote "yes" this November on a bond issue to fund water quality and land protection projects, including improvements to parks and trails.

Living in Iowa: Trump TV: The real reason for his campaign?
by Dan Brawner · October 27, 2016
When I attended Donald Trump's presidential campaign rally at the University of Iowa Field House in February, I said he sounded more like a Las Vegas lounge act than a serious candidate for president.

Athletics can help kids develop confidence, friendships
October 27, 2016
Middle school fall sports seasons just wrapped up last week. I have been a middle school coach for a lot of years now, coaching basketball first and now cross country. This was our youngest daughter's first season of being on a middle school team.

Musings:The great conservationists: Parents, of course
by Jake Krob · October 27, 2016
Conservation, being green and loving the environment has been en vogue for several years now.

Vote for Peterson for a 'smart, effective, competent' representative
by Jay Gunn · October 27, 2016
Enough! Again I received an unsolicited negative campaign pamphlet from Dan Zumbach. Like the previous pamphlets, it was filled with misleading information that questioned Scott Peterson's character and ability to legislate. Misleading information is not what we need from a legislator.

Waste-free event a fabulous success
by Kate Rose · October 27, 2016
What a fabulous Chili Cook-Off! Delicious food, good company, no rain and 294.94 pounds of compostable spoons, napkins and chili cups, along with lots of recyclables (cans, bottles, paper, plastic, etc.), made this a nearly waste-free event.

Whitehead will 'fight for all our kids' in Des Moines
by Kristi Keast · October 27, 2016
Dick Whitehead will be a great voice in the statehouse for the people of District 95. He knows how important our students in public schools are to the future of our state.

Parent grateful for school showing students the 'bigger picture' and 'service above self'
by C. Sherene Hansen Player · October 27, 2016
I was so pleased to see that the students of Mount Vernon High School were selected as the Volunteers of the Month for October by the CDG. It was exciting to see so many students jumping at the chance to serve others when the call went out to go and help with the flood efforts in Cedar Rapids.

Sun Editorial: City, school district: Discuss sharing in light of facility actions
October 20, 2016
The Mount Vernon City Council and school board should have a joint meeting soon with one agenda item - shared facilities.

Living in Iowa: 'Prank' about shooter illustrates danger of humor in the wrong hands
by Dan Brawner · October 20, 2016
It is a sad thing when a joke goes wrong. Like when White House press secretary Josh Earnest was recently asked about Donald Trump's suggestion that he and Hillary Clinton should take a drug test prior to the next debate. Earnest deadpanned, "You're telling me that the candidate who snorted his way through the first two debates is now accusing the other candidate of taking drugs?"

Sunny Side: Care, respect for others found in local schools
by Erica Kuhlmann · October 20, 2016
At Washington Elementary in Mount Vernon, where my third-grader attends school, one aspect of her education there stands out above the others: the culture of caring for others.

Musings: The first child turns 13, and his parents hit middle age
by jake Krob · October 20, 2016
Our No. 1 son Eli - that is, our first child - turned 13 last week. We did what people do in the 21st Century with technology so dominant. Father and son took a selfie.

Campaign info paints inaccurate picture of Peterson
by Myrt Bowers · October 20, 2016
Apparently Sen. Dan Zumbach hasn't gotten the message that we are tired of negative campaigning. So I feel strongly about setting the record straight with him.

Elect Peterson, Whitehead for a balanced state government
by Jo Clark · October 20, 2016
This election is critical to Iowa. Currently, the Iowa House majority and the governor's seat are held by Republicans. The senate has a mere 26-24 Democratic majority that maintains somewhat of a balance in state government. This small Democratic majority in recent years has saved the state from some ruinous decisions.

Peterson is 'real deal,' 'perfect package' to serve Iowans
by Kay and Cot Graber · October 20, 2016
It's not often we have the opportunity to vote for someone on a state ballot who we know personally. That's what makes it so special to urge others to vote for Scott Peterson for the Iowa Senate from this area. There's no question that he has the background, experience and values to represent us thoughtfully and well!
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