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Sun Editorial: A new State of Iowa mission: Seek opportunities when facing challenges
January 19, 2017
If you listened to Gov. Terry Branstad's condition of the state address last week, we encourage you to look past the bipartisan proposals and think about this one comment: "When faced with challenges, Iowans consistently seek opportunities."

Musings: Borg cares as much about MVL as the national stage
by Jake Krob · January 19, 2017
Dean Borg is a legend among Iowa journalists - and among anyone who follows Iowa politics.

Living in Iowa: Cameras are everywhere - even in bathrooms: Why do they do it? Because they can
by Dan Brawner · January 19, 2017
President-elect Donald Trump warned us about them during his recent news conference. He told us they are everywhere you go: "Cameras that are so small, modern technology. You can't see them and you won't know. You better be careful or you will be watching yourself on nightly television."

Sunny Side: Even in the smallest ways, people take care of others here
by Ann Gruber-Miller · January 19, 2017
The other day an experienced student employee at Gary's made my day.

Resident questions salary proposal for new Mount Vernon superintendent
by Keith Huebner · January 19, 2017
Why when one superintendent leaves, do we find it necessary to hire their replacement at a significantly higher wage than the outgoing person who has had a history with the district?

Family struck by loss of dog, asks for common courtesy if you're involved
by Myla McAtee · January 19, 2017
Please take my family into your prayers and thoughts tonight as we are losing a beloved member of our family. Please think especially of my brother Shane as he is going through the heartbreak of losing someone that meant the world to him.

Sun Editorial: The qualities desired in a new superintendent of schools
January 12, 2017
It's the most important decision a school board makes: who to hire as a superintendent of schools.

Living in Iowa: Seclusion rooms in schools: a safe place or solitary confinement for kids?
by Dan Brawner · January 12, 2017
Iowa City Public Schools will soon be deciding whether or not to eliminate so-called "seclusion rooms." The rooms, generally measuring six feet by six feet, made of plywood, are intended to provide a safe space for elementary students to calm down if they are agitated or might harm another student. Such spaces are sometimes called a "safe seat," "time-out room" or "buddy room." In prisons, they are simply called, "the hole."

Musings: Ode to letter writers of 2016
by Jake Krob · January 12, 2017
My elevator speech about how great Mount Vernon-Lisbon is always includes this: People here are highly engaged in their community.

Sunny Side: Great movies close by
by Nathan Countryman · January 12, 2017
A bright spot in my life recently has been the proximity to good movie theaters.

Sun Editorial: Wishes for 2017: School leader, facilities, bypass planning ...
January 5, 2017
The new year brings resolutions for many people, including us at the Sun.

Living in Iowa: Who needs an 'intelligent personal assistant'? Alexa? Alexa, stop. Alexa!
by Dan Brawner · January 5, 2017
Christmas is over at last. And if you have received something actually useful, congratulations. This week, others are probably wondering if there will be enough room in their dumpster for the Chia Pet that grows green hair on a pottery head of George Washington, or the Suck-A-Bug battery-powered vacuum designed to slurp insects off the wall or the animatronic bass that, whenever it detects motion, it sings, "Don't Worry, be Happy."

Iowans understand Voter ID isn't needed
by Myrna Loehrlein · January 5, 2017
Iowans are pretty smart. They think things through and figure out pretty well what makes sense and what does not.

Musings: The epically crazy Krob Christmas vacation
January 5, 2017
Whew! The holidays can really kick you in the ... well, you get the point.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus
December 22, 2016
More than 110 years ago, another "Sun," The New York Sun, received a letter from eight-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon. She was distressed because she had heard there was no Santa Claus. What followed may have been the best editorial in American newspaper history, a rare moment of journalism risen to philosophy. It's certainly the most famous editorial. What follows is Virginia's letter and the editor's response, originally published in 1897. The New York Sun reprinted it annually until 1949, when the paper ceased publication.
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