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Sun editorial: Implementing sustainable practices a must for cities
February 5, 2016
Mount Vernon-Lisbon is the right place for implementing sustainability practices - particularly on the government level.

Living in Iowa: Have you seen these polls? I think I made polls famous!
by Dan Brawner · February 5, 2016
"For 16 years you haven't predicted a winner!" Donald Trump scolded the overflowing crowd at the University of Iowa Field House. "But now you will!"

Musings: Time to define the 'terrible media that feeds misinformation'
by Jake Krob · February 5, 2016
I was as cranky as you earlier this week. It was time for the caucuses to end - and for all the campaigns to head to other states. Mostly, though, my caucus crankiness came from attacks on my industry - the media.

Sun editorial: Budget planning, like caucuses, an opportunity to engage with govt.
January 29, 2016
On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, we're thinking about citizens engaging with their government. We want you to get involved.

Living in Iowa
by Dan Brawner · January 29, 2016
Des Moines home is hit by a city bus - luckily, the owner was saved by her dirty dishes

Musings: Ski trip a reminder of shared experiences, memories
by Jake Krob · January 29, 2016
On the drive to Galena, I pondered dew worms and outdoor archery shoots. On the drive home, I took a mental snapshot of skiing. It's all about shared experiences.

Letters to the editor
January 29, 2016

Sun Editorial: Ode to letter writers of 2015
by Jake Krob · January 23, 2016

Living in Iowa
by Dan Brawner · January 23, 2016
The shocking story of Sparky the Iowa buffalo who was struck by lightning and lived

Letters to the editor
January 23, 2016
From Elvis to mitten repair: Resident revels in hometown. Join in the caucuses

Sun editorial: School ponders indoor space, city has community center dollars offering joint opportunity
January 15, 2016
We think the Mount Vernon School District and City of Mount Vernon should come together to examine the concept. And our dream would be that Lisbon would be added to the discussion as well.

Musings: No fights, but lots of love, in Mount Vernon-Lisbon dual
by Jake Krob · January 15, 2016
In this neighborly rivalry, the biggest cheers, yells, whistles, claps and standing ovation were for a highly successful coach and his remarkable wife.

Letters to the editor
January 15, 2016
Caucuses, transgender series, urban farming

Living in Iowa: 2016 presidential predictions ... you read it here first
by Dan Brawner · January 15, 2016
With the Iowa caucuses only a few weeks away, the nation is expecting our state to show them who the next president will be. But the fact that we haven't been very good at it in the past does let off some of the pressure.

Sun editorial: Wishes for 2016 include transition, bypass planning, housing
January 7, 2016
It's the new year. Here are our wishes for Mount Vernon-Lisbon for the next 12 months:
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