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Sun editorial: Support the place you love: Shop locally this holiday
December 1, 2016
Let's put shopping locally into a little perspective. You wouldn't dare miss going to the big playoff game.

Sunny Side: Nature's beauty explored day after Thanksgiving
by Erica Dawson · December 1, 2016
This year, the day after Thanksgiving, known to Americans as Black Friday, my family did not go shopping; instead, we opted for a walk in the woods.

Living in Iowa: The buck stops here - and it ate some of our tree and scared me
by Dan Brawner · December 1, 2016
Around 6:30 Tuesday morning, barefoot and squinting through the steam rising from my coffee cup, I gazed dreamily out of the kitchen window and wondered if I would go back to bed or just fall asleep standing up. Then I saw something in the neighbor's yard that didn't belong - like seeing a gray car on the highway coming toward me in my lane. It takes a second to make sense of it. But there it was, a large buck deer with an impressive rack of antlers, nibbling on a bush.

Guest Column: Teacher, parent, relative newcomer on school facilities
by Thad Wilkins · December 1, 2016
I am in my fifth year as vocal music director at Mount Vernon High School and I absolutely love it here. I don't currently live in the district, but plan to in the future. I write to promote an honest discussion of our current district facilities, as a parent of a first grader and an educator who works with the facilities on a daily basis.

Sun Editorial: Giving thanks for MV-L
November 23, 2016
This is the week to give thanks. We're grateful for a lot of things in Lisbon-Mount Vernon, including:

'Suck it up' - life is tough for protestors and turkeys
by Dan Brawner · November 23, 2016
Last week, I was driving down Clinton Street in Iowa City, late for an appointment, when all of the sudden, a mob of students poured into the intersection and blocked traffic. I couldn't make out what they were chanting. I figured it was some kind of pep rally. When I rolled down the window, I discovered they weren't trying to raise school spirit for Iowa's football team; they were protesting the election of Donald Trump.

Sunny Side: We aren't divided as much as we think we are
by Jim Bonewald · November 23, 2016
Well, thankfully, we made it through a highly contentious presidential election campaign season, and I think we're still all pretty much intact.

Musings: Hey: The best of people can be found right here
by Jake Krob · November 23, 2016
It's been nearly a month since the election. And here's the thing about elections: They often bring out the worst in people.

Resident seeks insight into support for Trump
by Cot Graber · November 23, 2016
The people in my hometown are generally not highly educated, but they are people of good common sense who can spot a con man from a mile away. And if that man is a wealth-flaunting, bigoted braggart from New York City, these people of the Plains are extremely repulsed. This man won't stand a chance in his sales pitch, particularly when he tells one easily recognized lie after another.

Voters appreciate candidates, thanks Peterson and Whitehead
by Jay and Arlie Willems · November 23, 2016
We think we speak for thousands of Eastern Iowans as we offer a big thank-you to Scott Peterson and Dick Whitehead and their families for making the sacrifices required of a state legislative campaign.

Sun Editorial: In wake of general election, engage in local government
November 17, 2016
All politics is local. At least that's what former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill said some 80 years ago.

Living in Iowa: Canada's maple syrup robbery: sticky fingers and niceness don't mix
by Dan Brawner · November 17, 2016
As the only people with a reputation for being as nice as Iowans, Canadians are sometimes mocked for being too nice. While Americans (and by "Americans" I mean residents of the United States - because technically Canadians are also part of North America) are famous for shooting each other, what can those amiable Canadians do to earn their street cred?

Sunny Side: Schools cooperate, students benefit
by Ann Gruber-Miller · November 17, 2016
I found myself smiling this week as I looked at my high school daughter's Facebook post of two photos of her with two friends in each. It's not unusual for her to post photos with friends, but these were different.

Work ensures Cornell remains on National Historic Register
by Hugh Lifson · November 17, 2016
In these days of fractious public discourse, Mount Vernon can take pride in resolving a problem between Cornell College's needs for a new science building and the town's needs (as well as the college's) in maintaining the integrity of its listing on the National Historic Register.

Musings: Some election history in Mount Vernon-Lisbon
by Jake Krob · November 17, 2016
The archives of the local newspaper provide a chance to devour the history of Mount Vernon-Lisbon.
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