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Sun Editorial: Tell cities your minimum wage opinions
September 29, 2016
What should the minimum wage be in Mount Vernon and Lisbon?

Living in Iowa: What? Another 500-year flood? How could this be happening again?
by Dan Brawner · September 29, 2016
Why are we so surprised when it floods? We know it rains in Iowa. And sometimes it rains a lot. In 2008, we had what was called a "1,000-year flood." Now, eight years later, we're having - what - a 500-year flood?

Sunny Side: It's always better when you're close to family
by Nathan Countryman · September 29, 2016
What's sunny in my world this week was attending my nephew Sullivan's first birthday party in Tipton.

Elect Peterson, a 'man of service'
by Arlie Willems · September 29, 2016
Voters in Delaware County and parts of Jones, Linn and Buchanan Counties have the opportunity to elect to the State Senate a man who has dedicated his life to serving others.

Resident offers insight into how to get his 'yes' vote
by Keith Huebner · September 29, 2016
The way to a successful Mount Vernon School District referendum is as follows in my opinion:

Musings: Campaign material paints MV in inaccurate light
by Jake Krob · September 29, 2016
Recent campaign material mailed to Mount Vernon-Lisbon area residents (including our own home) paints an inaccurate picture about the City of Mount Vernon.

Sun Editorial: Moving forward after MV vote
September 22, 2016
It's going to be close. That was the comment by those both for and against Mount Vernon's $15.9 million bond referendum last week.

Living in Iowa: The fashionable fist bump: the perfect combination of manliness and germophobia
by Dan Brawner · September 22, 2016
In 2008, the Washington Post called it "the fist bump heard 'round the world" when then Sen. Barack Obama and Michelle did the fist bump at the Democratic convention to celebrate his presidential nomination.

Sunny Side: Uptown Theatre event a marvelous celebration of local citizens
by Margaret Stevens · September 22, 2016
I used to be a regular listener to the podcast "Pop Culture Happy Hour," which would cover television, movies, music, theater, sports, books and comic books.

Family tells of rich history of historic Cornell homes
by Marsha Siggins McWhinney · September 22, 2016
In the Sun's Sept. 1 edition, it was reported that Cornell College has plans to build a $30 million science center beginning mid-October. Those plans include demolishing two Civil War-era houses. I would like to express my family's story as one example of how these buildings are an important part of Mount Vernon's history.

Musings: Field trip lessons: Kids are great, teachers work hard
by Jake Krob · September 22, 2016
"You could be pretty tired tonight," Kyle Jaspers told us at 2 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 15.

Resident wants different bond presentation
by Barb Neal · September 22, 2016
Why did the school bond issue fail so miserably? I'll admit, I was very surprised by the outcome, even though I will also admit I voted against it. Believe me, this was one vote I hated to cast.

Residents 'appalled' by no-vote backlash
by Barbara and Warren Worlein · September 22, 2016
We were appalled at the media and Facebook comments against the "no" voters in our school district! This is a democratic country where everyone can vote freely one way or other. And where the majority of the vote rules. This wasn't the case in the Mount Vernon School District after the vote on Sept 13.

Sun Editorial: Push candidates on these two issues
September 15, 2016
Two statewide issues have been in the forefront lately - and we think they are biggies this election.

Living in Iowa: They kill us, they suck our blood and the sound their wings make is so irritating
by Dan Brawner · September 15, 2016
Yesterday I was attacked by the deadliest animals on earth. And it was really annoying.
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