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Sun editorial: Survey says ... Growth is an issue
November 14, 2014

Living in Iowa: Shame on you, Sen. Harkin! How dare you call Joni Ernst attractive
by Dan Brawner · November 14, 2014
It could have been worse. I mean, Harkin might have said Ernst looked like Mr. Rogers.

Letter to the Editor
November 14, 2014
Trees Forever provides re-planting insights

Musings: When turning 40, lots of lessons learned, yet to be learned
by Jake Krob · November 14, 2014

Sun editorial: Proud of local youth success
November 8, 2014
Anyone who says kids today are lazy, selfish and disengaged certainly don't live in Lisbon or Mount Vernon.

Living in Iowa: Smashing pumpkins: Seeking relief from the stress of midterm elections
by Dan Brawner · November 8, 2014
Now that the midterm elections are over, suddenly nobody is interested in our opinions or telling us who we ought to hate.

Musings: Lessons from an election that's (thankfully) over
by Jake Krob · November 8, 2014
Let's be honest: It's nice that the election is over. We need a break from all of the negativity.

Letter to the Editor
November 8, 2014
Good Samaritan returns checkbook

Sun editorial: Digesting enrollment data
October 31, 2014
Lisbon has the same pupil count as last year, while Mount Vernon's enrollment has dipped by about 50 students.

Living in Iowa: You don't usually have to be chased by coyotes to see fall colors
by Dan Brawner · October 31, 2014

Musing: New pedestrian signs a step in the right direction
by Jake Krob · October 31, 2014

Guest column: Prevent, don't just react, to curb substance abuse
by Curt Wheeler, Cedar Rapids-based Area Substance Abuse Council · October 31, 2014
Many may not be aware that October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, but most people have been impacted by substance use and addiction.

Sun editorial: The big money of politics today
October 24, 2014
In all elections for Congress, campaign dollars are now edging toward $4 billion - a sharp increase from the $1.6 billion spent 16 years ago.

Living in Iowa: Crop theft, rumors of Ebola: Halloween may be coming
by Dan Brawner · October 24, 2014
It's spooky, really. The closer we get to Halloween, the weirder things become.

Letters to the Editor
October 24, 2014
Election, seventh street, neighbors
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