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Iowa gas tax: Everybody needs it, but nobody wants to take the blame for it
November 21, 2014
"Forget Frankenstein's monster," Iowa Republican Party Chair Jeff Kaufmann remarked last January. "The gas tax hike seems to be the creature that just won't die!"

Sun editorial: Comp plan update is right when it says economic development deserves resources
November 21, 2014
Citing the "complexity of economic development," authors of Mount Vernon's nearly finished comprehensive plan say it's time to hire professional help.

Musings: In a short year, uptown businessman fit right in
by Jake Krob · November 21, 2014
With his pony tail and long beard, Francis appeared to love an outdoorsy life. He was a lover of Mount Vernon, too.

Guest column: It's time for you: Give quitting a try one day at a time
by Curt Wheeler, Cedar Rapids-based Area Substance Abuse Council · November 21, 2014

Sun editorial: Survey says ... Growth is an issue
November 14, 2014

Living in Iowa: Shame on you, Sen. Harkin! How dare you call Joni Ernst attractive
by Dan Brawner · November 14, 2014
It could have been worse. I mean, Harkin might have said Ernst looked like Mr. Rogers.

Letter to the Editor
November 14, 2014
Trees Forever provides re-planting insights

Musings: When turning 40, lots of lessons learned, yet to be learned
by Jake Krob · November 14, 2014

Sun editorial: Proud of local youth success
November 8, 2014
Anyone who says kids today are lazy, selfish and disengaged certainly don't live in Lisbon or Mount Vernon.

Living in Iowa: Smashing pumpkins: Seeking relief from the stress of midterm elections
by Dan Brawner · November 8, 2014
Now that the midterm elections are over, suddenly nobody is interested in our opinions or telling us who we ought to hate.

Musings: Lessons from an election that's (thankfully) over
by Jake Krob · November 8, 2014
Let's be honest: It's nice that the election is over. We need a break from all of the negativity.

Letter to the Editor
November 8, 2014
Good Samaritan returns checkbook

Sun editorial: Digesting enrollment data
October 31, 2014
Lisbon has the same pupil count as last year, while Mount Vernon's enrollment has dipped by about 50 students.

Living in Iowa: You don't usually have to be chased by coyotes to see fall colors
by Dan Brawner · October 31, 2014

Musing: New pedestrian signs a step in the right direction
by Jake Krob · October 31, 2014
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