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Sun Editorial: Explore the bigger question of retail in MV
July 21, 2016
When the east-west traffic is pushed a quarter mile south of Mount Vernon, what will that area look like?

Living in Iowa: Eccentric Zombie Burger waitress shows 'Iowa Nice'
by Dan Brawner · July 21, 2016

Musings: Stevens named editor, Countryman joins news team
by Jake Krob · July 21, 2016
A new hire, a trusted employee taking the news reins and employees and a company who deserve an owner with more time to oversee the greater operation.

Attend school open house; vote 'yes' on Sept. 13 measure
July 21, 2016
After three years of community meetings, lengthy conversations, expert input and contemplation, the Mount Vernon School Board has developed a plan to put before you - the voters - for additions and improvements to our school facilities.

Sun Editorial:Time to bring formality to community center proposal
July 14, 2016
It's time for the City of Mount Vernon to take on the community center proposal as its own. We suggest putting it under the charge of the parks and recreation board.

Living in Iowa: Former park superintendent stole ancient bones, kept them in his garage
by Dan Brawner · July 14, 2016
Long ago, we discovered we couldn't give our old dog Monte bones. Dogs chew bones. It relaxes them and is supposed to be good for their teeth.

Letters to Editor: MVAAC announces mural project
by Marie DeVries · July 14, 2016

Musings: It isn't Disney, but this Nebraska state park worked fine
by Jake Krob · July 14, 2016
Disney World is out of the question - airfare for nine, please?

Sun editorial: Viability of Heritage Days up to you
July 8, 2016
Leaders of Heritage Days made the right move - eliminating carnival rides to ensure the viability of Mount Vernon's annual celebration.

Letters to the editor
July 8, 2016

Livin in Iowa: Fourth of July fireworks in Davenport - amazing, incredible, over-the-top
by Dan Brawner · July 8, 2016
It used to mean that your corn crop was on schedule and doing well if it was "knee high by the fourth of July."

Musings: Explaining the weekly editorial page of the Sun ...
by Jake Krob · July 8, 2016
The page you're reading right now is my favorite. I enjoy working on the editorial page. I love reading the editorial pages from newspapers around the state.

Sun editorial: Engage, volunteer, help others to honor Independence Day
July 1, 2016
It's the question we get often this week of the year: Where are the local fireworks on the Fourth of July?

Guest Column: Social host ordinances are step in the right direction
by Curt Wheeler · July 1, 2016
The large majority of us would like to see our kids grow up in a positive environment that supports their safety and success.

Musings: As time speeds up, it marches too quickly for some
by Jake Krob · July 1, 2016
Time is a funny thing. An hour today is no faster than an hour in 1998. A year still has the same measure of 365 days. Yet they are zipping by.
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