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Sun Editorial:
February 23, 2017
A 500-page government document sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation isn't typically considered a good read, but there's an exception.

Living in Iowa: Hanging with eagles and seagulls - in February in Iowa
by Dan Brawner · February 23, 2017
I don't care that they claim this is February. Our crocuses are coming up. When I open the front door to check for snow, I have to close it again quickly to keep the flies from coming in. If I have to mow the lawn next week, I'm going to be really annoyed.

Sunny Side: Speech experience translates to later in life
by Nathan Countryman · February 23, 2017
January through March is one of my favorite times of the year.

Musings: Time for Iowa to consider high school girls' wrestling
by Jake Krob · February 23, 2017
The greatest prep wrestling tournament in the nation was held in our great state this past week.

Beer fee increase would reduce tax and budget burdens in Iowa
by Jennifer Husmann · February 23, 2017
Representing thousands of constituents, a statewide group of Iowans concerned about the high cost to taxpayers of excessive alcohol consumption in Iowa is supporting an initiative designed to help reduce the burden of cost to all taxpayers.

Sun Editorial: Longtime P&Z member departs, provides lessons for all of us
February 16, 2017
This community is losing something important this month. Richard Peterson is moving away.

Living in Iowa: Can't decide where to retire? Congrats! You're already there
by Dan Brawner · February 16, 2017
Consumers, in this age of computers, are better informed than ever. Read the label on a box of breakfast cereal and you will know exactly how much sugar it contains, how much fat, food coloring, preservatives, etc. But you are left to draw your own conclusions. Is Captain Crunch better than Lucky Charms? Or is it more nutritious to throw away the cereal and eat the box?

Musings: A dog is a joy, and little critters in the office aren't bad
by Jake Krob · February 16, 2017
We're a month in to having a new pet at home. And I've resolved to live with hundreds of new critters in my uptown Mount Vernon office.

Sunny Side: Simple wisdom: Save the hearts, buy quality
by Margaret Stevens · February 16, 2017
I was the member of the family that coined the phrase "save the hearts for Valentine's Day." We were making Christmas ornaments out of homemade clay and there were just too many hearts.

Denying access to diversity materials is 'antithesis of American education'
by Mike Moran · February 16, 2017
From what I'm gathering, there's been concern regarding our elementary school professionals' choice of materials - some children's books, written, illustrated and designed to: first, include children who may feel, because of gender identity or aspects of family, overlooked or discounted; and second, to get the majority of students to actually consider these other students - those peculiar students who may be interested in certain things other than sports or sitcoms, or students who behave in a way that is unique or distinct, or students who are raised in a type of family that isn't the expected standard.

Grateful for Lisbon's small-town service to grandson
by Sally Stejskal · February 16, 2017
Our grandson Blake was home Monday, Feb. 6, which was a professional development day at Lisbon.

Maintaining, preserving architectural heritage is highly valued in Mount Vernon
by Hugh Lifson · February 16, 2017
Sitting in the Mount Vernon council chamber, listening to the initial debate on the proposed ordinance regarding the regularization of processing requests for building demolition (in order to stop capricious tearing down of buildings), I was struck by the cogency of the arguments attesting to the fact that there is a great deal of sentiment in this town for maintaining its historical ambience.

Support for bargaining right is support for good-paying jobs
by Kay Johansen · February 16, 2017
President Trump campaigned on keeping good-paying jobs for Americans. Let's look at how the Iowa Legislature interprets this campaign promise.

Wall is a 'symbol of fear'; there are better ways to spend $15 billion
by Karen Thornton · February 16, 2017
We all know that Mexico is not going to pay for a wall that the U.S. builds. The American taxpayer is going to be stuck with a $15 billion bill. I don't think too many citizens thought that as their health care, education, domestic violence protection services, law enforcement, public services and judiciary were being cut, that they'd be paying for a wall.

Sun Editorial: In Iowa, you know 'the media'
February 9, 2017
We had our annual Iowa Newspaper Association convention this past weekend. Our takeaway: You know "the media" in this great state. And "the media" professionals here are doing great work.
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