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Sun editorial: Tread lightly with future development
August 28, 2014
As the City of Mount Vernon works to complete an updated comprehensive plan, we're pondering the future of the city - especially what it will look like to the south when the Hwy. 30 bypass comes.

Living in Iowa: The real ice bucket challenge: trying to do more good than harm
by Dan Brawner · August 28, 2014
In a way, you can't argue with results. This year, the "Ice Bucket Challenge" has raised more than $80 million for ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) research.

Letters to the Editor
August 28, 2014
Hummer should be transferred to fire dept., not used for police; Obey traffic laws; watch out for pedestrians; Musician grateful for community, arts council

Musings: Remembering Grandma Great and her pragmatic outlook
by Jake Krob · August 28, 2014
The chicken issue in Lisbon is a simple story about the town returning to its roots.

Living in Iowa: 'People of the Iowa State Fair' shows silly side of Iowans
by Dan Brawner · August 25, 2014
If you didn't know any better, you might think by looking at this Facebook page that Iowans were a bunch of shapeless, vulgar hayseeds.

Sun Editorial: Leaders: Jointly discuss projects
August 25, 2014
We encourage leaders involved pool and athletic proposals to meet and discuss possible sharing.

Letters to the Editor
August 25, 2014
Banks gift, coach's departure

Musings: Remembering Grandma Great and her pragmatic outlook
by Jake Krob · August 25, 2014
My kids called her Grandma Great, and "great" was a fitting word for my grandmother.

Sun Editorial: What really makes this place special
August 15, 2014
Truth is, the past couple of months we've realized the real coolness. It's the care of community. The people.

Living In Iowa: Chickens run afoul, and congressman lays an egg
by Dan Brawner · August 15, 2014
The political blunder of turning up her nose at chickens in an election year is nothing compared to snubbing her neighbor's hospitality.

Guest column: Marijuana's road map follows that of tobacco
by Curt Wheeler · August 15, 2014

Musings: Funeral gives fitting tribute as community grieves
by Jake Krob · August 15, 2014

Support Save the Field efforts
August 9, 2014
Thanks to the Save the Field group - a bunch of folks who bleed maroon and white - the historic Mount Vernon field has new bleachers on the home side.

Letters to the Editor
August 9, 2014
Cornell, community cooperation not seen in auditorium fees

Living in Iowa: The great water apocalypse ... and a comet will save us
by Dan Brawner · August 9, 2014
We're doomed. I know you don't believe me. But the truth is out there.
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